Aug 132020
Calling to Your Spirit Guides

Everyday, there are some people that connect with their spirit guides or their higher power. There are different reasons they connect with them such as for protection, love, guidance, happiness, good health, peace and more.

Some ask them to for help in their businesses or to help them get money to them. Having a good relationship with your higher power is very important and each prayer that is said helps you to form a better relationship with your guides.

Everyone has a spirit guide, and everyone has the chance to connect with the spiritual world that surrounds them at any time. Some believe though that people think that connecting with the spirit guides is something that requires a special skill or talent and the truth is that your spirit guide is always there for you and is always ready to communicate with you.

When you want assistance, you can call on your spirit guides to help you. They can give you information that is real but of great quality. They are attracted to you and they want to guide you. You must learn to accept their messages and be open to your spirit guides so that they can bless you.

One mistake that people make when trying to communicate with their spirit guides is that they do not really believe that they can communicate with them because they are so far away. The truth is that you have to be open minded and you will have a clear path to communicating with them. The spirit guides are there for you and all you have to do is trust them.

Allow the energy of the spirits to flow from the top of your head (crown chakra) to the bottom of your feet (root chakra). You need to relax and be willing to receive what the spirit is going to you and you can call upon your spirit guides to help you no matter where you are.

Physical Environment

When you are ready to call on your spirit guides you need to find a quiet and comfortable place to sit or lay down in. Keep water close to you and make the room dim or dark. Light some candles and some incense or use some essential oils. Put a crystal where you are or a picture that you love. Turn off your phone and be in a place where you are comfortable and will not be distracted.

Be Specific

Just like you are careful about who you are hanging out with, you have to be careful when you contact the spirit world. The spirit world is full of energies and you need to make sure that you call on spirit guides that will show you love, guidance and protection. Ask them to come by saying something like, “I ask a loving and wise spirit guide to come to me. I need some help and guidance.”


When you are asking for something specific, you can be in an area where your spirit guides can help you but what is most important is that you have the right intentions.

You need to be able to be clear about what you need so that you can allow your guides to help you and to be aware that you are there. They will know what you need and will connect with you.

There is energy between the spirit and you, and this has to happen. When you are talking to your spirit guides, you have to know that this is a two-way communication process and your guide is ready to communicate with you.


Close your eyes, deep breathe and relax. Take breathes in and out and do this until you are fully relaxed in your body and mind. Do not force things but allow your body to get into a natural rhythm.

Be aware of your breathing and get rid of the mental chatter in your mind and let your mind focus on the quietness and the communication that you want to give your guides. Focus on your third eye chakra, between your eyebrows and your forehead. Go deeper and spend as much time as you need to be calm and to concentrate your mind. If you start getting thoughts that do not belong, refocus and relax.


Ask your spirit guides for what you need help with in your life. Always be specific when you ask them and ask them to give you a sign that they heard you. This can be a specific sign or a generic sign but pay attention to it.

Ask your guides to give you a message and use your intuition to receive the message from them. Always be open.


When you have finished talking to your guides, thank them for listening to you and release them. Say something such as, “I release my loving spirit guides and I am thankful for your assistance.”


People will always give you tips to talk to their guardian angels but know that your angels have been given to you when you were born. They are there to protect you and give you ideas on how to have a better life. You can get to know who your angels are when you meditate, and you can ask them to come to you.

Some people will work with assigned angels such as Archangel Michael and the best way to do this is to ask him to show up and protect you and he will. He can protect you when you call out to him and you can be connected to him.

Spirit Guides

Just like your angels, your spirit guides are there from your birth. You can have many spirit guides, and this happens when your soul is not wanting to incarnate again. The guides can help you to learn lessons in your life that you need and to lead you on a path with your intuition guiding you.

The spirit guides will help you to learn new things and will help to raise your vibrations. Chances are you will hear from your spirit guides in your dreams. Always be open minded.


Be very specific when you call on spirit guides and make sure that you are calling for good energies. You can talk to gods, goddesses, totems, saints, masters, angels and other spirit guides. Remember, they are very powerful, and their energies are strong. You need to be careful when you call on energies from the elementals, dragons, fairies and other spirits because their energy is very strong.

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