August 9, 2022
Psychic medium teaches you what to know about spirit guides and how to begin a connection

What are spirit guides?

Although connecting with your spirit guide is an easy process, it can confuse those who are new to meditation and spirituality. Since I am a psychic medium, let me take you through ways you can connect to your spirit guide quickly and easily, and also how you can communicate with them more clearly. You can work with your spirit guides in psychic abilities training to increase and open your abilities when you learn about them.

Spirit guides are designed to help and advise you on this physical plane of existence. Everyone has several guides; they were given to you even before you were born. They are signed to travel with you while you are still in this world. They help make your journey easier, navigate your way through life and expand your realization of high self. Their main objective is to do things for you or make your choices. They guide and inform you. They are just concerned with your well-being, nothing else.

There are spirits of our departed loved ones that are not spirit guides. Spirits shouldn’t be confused with guardian angels since there are different kinds of spirits. What we can say is that spirit guides are entities.

They can uniquely help where intuition cannot. This is because spirits know everything that’s going on in your life. They may not work well with other guides on your behalf. They are neither male nor female but may appear to have both male and female traits. Those traits are there to help your human understanding and give you something you can easily identify.

How can I communicate with my spirit guides in the process of developing my psychic abilities?

Spirit guides communicate uniquely also. They come across powerful thoughts. They also send messages just the way messages are sent to spirit interactors. Their connection with humans is always gentle. You shouldn’t think about it as receiving intuition or mental insight, but just as a message. You shouldn’t think about spirit guide connections as concerned messages with direction.

Their relationships are also unique. You should nurture them like any other important relationship that needs nurturing and caring.

Spirit guide relationships also need the kind of attention, commitment and time that any other important relationship needs. Your relationship will become strong if you cultivate more time and attention to communication.

How to make a connection with your spirit guide?

For you to make the first contact with your spirit guide, locate a quiet area and sit comfortably. This is important as it allows you to achieve a meditation state where you and your spirit will be able to meet for the first time.

You then state a prayer, to invite your spirit guide to contact you.

Once you’ve done that, listen and believe that your spirit guide will contact you. Do not forget that you have to be patient. Communication may not be clear at once because this is a high vibrational relationship. The secret is not to try hard but just let messages and guidance come naturally.

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