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Unlocking Your Psychic Powers

Most people think of psychic powers as a special gift offered only to a few people in the world. While some people, like Indigo children, have natural psychic abilities that surpass those of the average person, the truth is everyone has some latent psychic powers.

Think about it. Most people have a gut feeling about something or someone at times. There are times they suddenly worry about a loved one far away or maybe they feel odd when they walk into a room without a plausible explanation as to why they have such a feeling. These are all forms of psychic abilities.

You can unlock your latent psychic abilities and grow them! Like muscles or intelligence, there are exercises you can do to improve on all of your natural psychic powers. Like anything else, enhancing them and understanding how to use them comes with practicing them.

Here are five things you can do to unlock and enhance your psychic abilities:

  1. Meditate regularly

Meditation regularly helps unlock the powers within you because it takes you away from daily concerns and connects you with the spiritual side of life. It allows you to connect with surrounding energy and understanding these energies help to build psychic powers. After all, all psychic powers are are ways we humans can see and use energy that is all around us.

  1. Use your intuition

Your intuition, that gut feeling, is the most powerful tool you have when you use your psychic abilities. The main problem with intuition is that most people tend to overthink situations where intuition plays a role. Overthinking blocks intuition.

The challenge is learning to trust intuition when it contradicts thinking. Sometimes intuition doesn’t appear to make sense until after events unfold. We, as humans, depend on thinking for many decisions because it appears to make sense. So, there is sometimes a conflict between thinking skills and intuitive skills. When that happens, trust your intuition.

You must build up a sense of trust with your intuition. To do that, start making some less important decisions using your intuition rather than thinking about it. Once you find that your intuitive decisions are beneficial, you can use them to make decisions on bigger issues.

  1. Create a spiritual relationship

You must have a spiritual relationship to use psychic powers because these abilities come from the spiritual side of the universe. This means you should have a relationship with the Creator of the universe for the Creator to tell you things about your abilities.

Some psychics simply have a relationship with universal energies and use channeling to connect with those energies. This is why meditation becomes important, whether you channel or pray.

  1. Work on psychometry

Psychometry is just practicing psychic energies by trying to read the energy of objects. This is a non-threatening way to enhance your natural psychic abilities because you can practice this anytime.

To practice psychometry, ask a friend to bring over a few objects that you know nothing about. Hold them in your hand and try to feel the energy of the object. Then, tell your friend what your impressions are and see if they are correct.

  1. Practice reading energy

Being able to read energy is a key component of psychic abilities, so it is something you should learn. This can include both prediction and telepathic skills.

To enhance your prediction abilities, try to make three predictions about something that will happen the next day after each meditative session. Write down your predictions. Then, write down if any came true the next day. Don’t get discouraged if none happen at first or if they didn’t happen the way you thought. This is a skill that will take some time to work out.

With telepathy, you can practice this with friends both close by and far away. Have your friend think of an image of an object and try to guess what it is. You can also have them try numbers and locations. To validate your responses, have them write down what they are thinking of before you guessed it. This can be something fun to try at different times, so be sure to practice it often.

Unlocking psychic abilities doesn’t happen overnight. You have to work at it to get used to them and be able to use them. There will be a time when you start to feel they are a natural part of your life and you couldn’t imagine your world without them.

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