Feb 082020
Identifying Real Animal Signs

The concept that animals can act as messengers from the afterlife is about animals being sentient beings that can perceive, feel, sense, and understand information that goes beyond our human physical senses. Dependent upon the species, plant and animals can communicate and hear sounds, see wavelengths, and more that is beyond our human perceptions. The Manta shrimp is a good example. In fact, plants, animals, and insects take in reality differently than humans. However, there are times humans can expand the senses as well.

During these expanded times, afterlife communications can become clearer and stronger as we become aware of our interconnectedness. Animals can pick up on the things we have that are unseen. Since this is the case, when we pay attention to what they do or how they interact with us, we can use them as identifiers about the unseen world.

Pets, especially cats and dogs, have been known to have this perception. Wild animals can do they same. This is how we can tap into the unseen world, but we need to know how.

Recognizing Animal Signs

To start with picking up afterlife communication as signs from the animal world, pay attention to the animals in your life, domestic and wild, and how they behave. Look for things like the normal bird types that visit, types of insects around, and even how your pets entertain themselves. Once you realize what is normal, you can take note of anything different.

The differences are where the signs can be seen. You will basically look for three things.

Something Different – The interaction has to be something different for you, such as a cardinal landing on the railing when it has always been only swallows. If you are seeing dragonflies in summer, but always have, this is not something out of the ordinary, even if you are just noticing them.

A Special Moment – You also need to pay attention to special moments with sentient beings. When loved ones die, we tend to see them in others. This is possible as a way of a spirit showing itself to us through someone momentarily. Energy waves travel through us often, so it is possible.

Multiple Happenings – When someone from the other side wishes to get your attention, they will persist. If something does not grab your attention at first, they will keep trying until you realize what is happening.

Spirits can try to get our attention in many ways. When considering animal signs, we must remember it is not a loved one reincarnated, but the spirit using abilities to connect through the creatures. Spirits use physical signs many times because they are harder to ignore or even reason away. This is really a practical choice based on how energy is best spent. It would be or feel useless to keep trying something that could be easily ignored, even as spirits.

So, look for something abnormal that you uniquely share with another living being that links you to the other world. Sharing such a moment shows the connection we have to source energy. Most of all, when this happened, did you think of your loved one. This is the most telling sign when combined with the others. A pairing with the animal world reminds us that we are connected to all life and that all signs point to this. They remind us of the most cherished moments we have in life and the ones that stick with us in death.

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