About Kristin Morgandale

About Kristin Morgandale

psychic readersKristin’s own path to discovering her gifts is a difficult and personal one. She experienced a life-changing episode that left her acutely aware of the existence of spiritual realm and of her connection to it. Her recovery from the upheaval was a difficult one, but it left her feeling determined to use her abilities in a compassionate, logical and straightforward way. She’s spent years developing her personable approach which, along with her gentle sense of humor, endears her to her clients.

Kristin strives to deliver evidence from loved ones who have passed in an effort to prove beyond a doubt that they are present in the spiritual realm and have kept up on the situations of those still living. A loving message delivered via a medium from beyond the grave can offer comfort. But facts, evidence, and validations are what bring the relief and healing that ultimately lead to a better life for those who were left behind.

Psychic Spiritual Communication Workshops

Kristin has begun traveling throughout the United States to present one-day workshops for people wanting to know more about psychic spiritual communications. She works to dissipate the myths surrounding communication with spirits, and explains the communication process in ways that most people find understandable.

People who attend her workshops are left feeling empowered to recognize spiritual communication. They find comfort in the messages and a renewed hope on their own journeys of healing. Some who attend Kristin’s workshops do so in an attempt to communicate in spirit with a specific person. But they leave with so much more!

The experience can change the way a person thinks. Kristin always aims to answer questions in plain, understandable language. Anyone seeking to forge their own connections should give Kristin’s workshops a try!