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What It Means to End a Karmic Relationship

Karmic relationships are one of the most complex bonds a person can ever experience.  Forged in a previous lifetime, karmic ties possess energies that require extensive healing.  Frequently their will a be a struggle to resolve the intense emotions that if left uncheck will carry over into another lifetime.

Breaking Toxic Patterns

If you are experiencing destructive, repetitive patterns in your union, it is time to end your relationship.  It is easy to fall back into ruts, because the feelings are familiar and oddly comfortable due to its predictability.  Negative behaviors could include jealousy, judgment, anger and addiction.  Sure, you both enjoy moments of happiness and laughter, but even the best of time can quickly dissolve into chaos.

You must understand that karmic unions are marked by passionate attraction and intimacy.  You both feel intoxicated being around each other and focus on this magnet pull to survive the rough patches.  This is because you love was preordained, but you will never reach your potential unless you end the toxic drama.

You can heal a karmic bond if you are able to address and work through the issues and end the toxic patterns.  You both must be able to provide a blank slate and an opportunity to rewrite your story, while owning both of your contributions to the difficulties.

Phases of a Karmic Breakup

When you need to leave a karmic union, you must be able to forgive both yourself and your love.  It’s okay to know that it is healthy to leave a toxic union.  You both deserve to find a loving partner than can give provide the appropriate level of attention or support.  You may have forged the relationship impulsively, echoing established patterns without knowing it. Try not to judge either yourself or them, it’s okay that you made this unintended mistake.

Karmic unions typically end gradually by stages.  You may find yourselves breaking up multiple times, only to return to each other since you crave to be near each other.  You will attempt every possible way to alter your dynamic, using every possible tool available.  Sadly, there will be the final straw that precipitates the ultimate split.  The toxicity will overwhelm you both and you can’t handle the drain the drama causes you.

With time, some of these partnerships may morph into friendship.  This is natural since at some level feelings of friendship help govern your bond.  You both might cause to separate for a bit before testing the waters of friendship.  But if your split is especially nasty then you both might choose to severe connection permanently.  With time, even the most bitter of splits will become easier and the pain will ebb, allowing the good ones to remain.  You will be able to forgive each other by knowing that although its not healthy for you to be in love, your core essences are good.

Between lifetimes you both are able to be friendly and loving to each other.  You seek to make things right with each other, because deep down insider you both will always love each other.  The impulsive reactions you had came about because you acting out from a place of hurt or insecurity.  What you can’t get right in one lifetime doesn’t mean all is lost.  You will find each other in a future lifetime and will have the opportunity to improve your dynamic.  When you think of each other with love and peace you are able to help heal lingering pain.  Making peace with your breakup will happen in time.  Old hurts will heal since the universe is rooted in love and seeks to inspire humanity to positivity and self-growth.

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