Mar 222020
Love Blocks that Keep Relationships from Lasting

There are blocks that can keep relationships from lasting such as:

Making the Past Beautiful

Your mind will want you to hold onto relationships even if they weren’t good.  What could have been is always in the back of someone’s mind after a breakup.

People sometimes exaggerate their past relationships and will see less in their current partner because they think their past relationship was perfect.


People do not always look for love, they just want to be comfortable in their life and will do whatever they can to experience it.

If you are not aware of these feelings, chances are you will try to go back into relationships just like your past ones.  Sometimes you will even try to re-create relationships that you had as a kid because those were ones you couldn’t control in your life.

You will see that you continue in a pattern and will need to see it so you can make better choices.


Love does not always come when we think that it should come and even if everyone else is falling in love, it doesn’t mean you will.

You cannot earn love and even if you try your hardest, that is not how love is.

Love comes when it is ready to come and when that time happens, you will not be in control of it.

Working on Themselves

Sometimes when people are working to be better people, they will not want to be in a relationship.

The problem is, people are always working on themselves and if you think that you can fix yourself to find love, that is not the truth.

Working on yourself has to be done alone but when you find real love, you will want to pursue it and work on your new relationship.

This doesn’t mean that you didn’t want to work on yourself, it just means that life is wanting you to move towards love.

Dating Their Type

There are many people that are attracted only to a certain type.  It doesn’t matter what kind of person you want to be with but when you limit yourself for reasons that are not important or that are shallow, you risk the chances of not finding love.

People tend to love people that are actually outside of their type and that are opposite of them.

You know what you are attracted to but you will not know who you will fall in love with.  Always be open to new things.


You will have many different soulmates in your life, and they will be friends, family or lovers.  They will come to you to help you to grow and to teach your life lessons.

If you are compatible with someone, it doesn’t mean that you love them and that you are romantically involved with.  There will be many soulmates in your life.

Closed Off

Many people are afraid of being rejected but this is one thing that we have to face in life.  All relationships usually come with heartbreak, but the pain will go away.

Once you realize that rejection doesn’t mean that you aren’t good enough for people then you will understand that rejection comes when you are not matched with the right person.

Taking Advantage

If you think about it, there are billions of people in the world, so you might think that you can let love pass by you as much as it wants.

You have to remember that once you break things down, you won’t have as many people to fall in love with that you thought.  Take every relationship seriously.


People will set their idea of a relationship so high that they will have a hard time finding the right person.  Sometimes, people will have low self-esteem and they will not feel worthy when they do find that person.

Cleaning Up

Dating can be hard.  If you find that you are dating a lot of people, but they are not willing to commit to you, then you need to change your thought pattern and demand more.  Don’t let people use you.

Want More

Some people think that even if they have met someone that they can find someone better.  If you can learn to take time to figure out your present relationship, you might find that they are perfect for you.


If you have a partner and you want to use them to take pictures or to take you out, chances are you are not making the relationship meaningful for anyone.

You have to understand that love is good and that you have to care for other people.

Soulmate Relationships

When you assume that your soulmate relationship is not something that you have to work on, you will not find the right person.  Even if you find someone that you feel is perfect for you, if you choose to not put into the relationship then you won’t get anything out of it.


Sometimes, people will have expectations that are too high.  They will have problems with everything because they are expecting people to be something they are not.


If you are wanting too much out of a relationship, then you are just craving attention and not love.  You need to find a partner that loves you and respect that.  When someone is too desperate to find love how they want it, they miss finding love all together.

Not Real Love

Sometimes people think that they don’t want to really love someone else.  They choose to stay out of relationships because they feel that they have a better idea on how life is.


If you feel that you cannot find a perfect partner in your life, or find someone to date, you need to find out what you are really wanting in a relationships and work towards that goal.

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