Apr 102020
Past Life Signs

Have you ever wondered why you have weird fears such as a fear of spiders or of high places?  Have you ever looked at someone that you have never met and felt like there was something about them that you did know?

Old Feeling

If you have been in a past life, chances are that you can heal the regression that you have in your mind.  This can allow you to know what has happened and can help you in your present-day life.  You want to know that you have had a past life and what you had experienced and when you have things happen like déjà vu, chances are that you are seeing something that you have already down before.

Having these things happen can be a sign of your past life Sometimes these things can cause anxiety attacks or stress, and this can stem from things that have happened in your past, even when you don’t know it.


Dreams can be vivid, and they can also be a thing about a past time in your life, maybe even a past life.  If you have memories that you cannot remember as memories or if there are things that you can actually remember, chances are you are thinking of something in your past.

Things can become clear to you and you can even see into your past life if you look hard enough.


Do you have special abilities that you do not know anyone else that has?  Are you musical and your parents weren’t?  If you have these things, then you might be having abilities form your past life.

You might be drawn to certain things or people that you have never seen before and you might want to study about a past time that is interesting to you.  If something is easy for you that you have never done before, chances are you have done it before in the past life.


When you travel through lives, you will meet different people and groups.  When you go to a new life, and they travel to their new life, chances are that karma will set you up with these people again in the present.   Once you meet them, your relationships might not be the same, but you will always remember them somehow.

This could be someone that was your grandpa or someone that was your cousin.  Maybe your grandma will come back to the new life as your granddaughter.

This is a way that you will never lose the people that you love, and you will always be able to reunite with them in your new world.

When you are in your present body, you can meet people in another body that are from your past life.  You will instantly recognize them, but you will not be sure why.  You will be very comfortable with them and you will bond with them easily.

If this happens, do not worry about it but take it to heart that the universe wanted to bring you back with someone that was from your past that you loved.

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