August 9, 2022
Spiritual Transformation

Life is a part of happiness and suffering and if you want to know the truth, you have to seek it.  If you are wanting a happy life, chances are you have read books, listened to speakers and mediated to embrace what you have,  You have feelings of happiness and sadness and you are spiritual, and you can heal and have positive affirmation that life is good,

Sometimes, you will become content with what is going on around you and you can see real transformations of people all around you.  Your life can be confusing and explosive.  All the mystics that came before you were born had times when they felt empty and they would drop off the edge of the earth and no one would know where they were or what they were doing for a period of time.  Many times, they would have to go into a cave and disappear.

Now, we don’t do this, but sometimes we need to do shifts in our spirit and we need to change our life because we are questioning our sanity.  We see things form a life where we feel things are bad and we become depressed.  Sometimes it is as if things happen to make you question your life more.

Empty Mind

If you feel that your mind has been overused, you will want to read or figure out a way to relax.  You don’t want to be around someone that is boring, and you want to figure out what spiritual practices will help you to feel better.  You meditate and even pray while you are doing other things.  Sometimes you feel that everyone you know has disappeared and you need to find someone to talk to so that you can not be upset anymore.,

Cut Off

Sometimes you feel that you are cut off from what is going on, but you are glad because you want to be isolated.  You feel that you are not sociable and that you don’t want to talk to people and if you did that it wouldn’t be prosperous.  Sometimes you feel happy to be alone and you feel that you need to get your energy back and you can’t do this when you are interacting with other people.  Listen to your body and see what it needs.

Roller Coaster

Somedays, you might feel that you are in a roller coaster and you don’t know why.  Nothing bad has happened but you feel upset and unhappy and you feel that you need to complain but you don’t have anyone to talk to or any reason to complain.  You feel that you are being smothered and you are unable to engage,


When you are tired all the time, you need to figure out how to get your energy up, your body needs to charge like a computer so that it can be back to normal.  Know how your body feel sand don’t be upset with yourself if you need to be lazy.


It feels like you have more space in your body and you wear looser clothing that will help you and doesn’t contact you.  Sometimes you feel zoned out, but you aren’t free.  You feel that too much freedom is scary.


Sometimes you are having vivid dreams and sometimes you wake up and remember what you dreamed about.  Other times, you had no dreams and you wish you know what these things met.  You are exhausted because you are not sleeping at all.


You feel that you are focused ono your life but that you are not attached to anything.  You feel that you are forming a new life and you are busy with what happens inside of you.  You have become too passive and you are not going for your goals and if you do, you feel that your actions don’t bring results.

This has caused you to feel that you are not growing and that your thoughts are too deep and not collective enough.  You are being trained as a different persona and you are actually a trainer in a new spiritual realm.  This is a powerful source for you and the earth, and the starts are shining and are turning you into a different human.

All of this is happening, and it is upsetting your mind and making you feel guilty and full of shame because you are sad and depressed feeling.  If you feel that your inner knowing is strong, you just need to catch up and keep trusting until your mind is ready.

Listen to the voice inside and don’t be hard on yourself.  If you are not acting how you think you should, give it time and wait and practice your self love.  If you can find mutual support, this can help you to overcome these things.

When you finally make it through, you will feel better and you won’t need to be welcomed because you will be clearer than ever.  You will be free, and you will go into the world and continue being unique, but you will be happy and have light and strength.  This is a time in a making.

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