August 9, 2022
Identifying and Removing Psychic Blocks

People are spiritual beings who are having physical experiences. By default, human beings are born in a psychically open state as pure, high-vibration beings. Children, therefore, are by nature innocent and open-minded, making them especially connected intuitively.

But as people grow up and mature, the negative programming of societal expectations serves to indoctrinate us.

As an allegory, what would happen if you clean the windows in your house just one time, and then leave them be? They’d just get dirty again, right?

Psychic blocks work in a similar way. We all start out with clear metaphysical windows. But as time passes, layers of indoctrinational dust build up and block our spiritual views. Metaphorically speaking, that dust is a psychic block. It prevents us from clearly accessing our intuition, so our natural spiritual connections fade away.

In case you haven’t noticed, we don’t live in a perfect world. We constantly interact with people, face situations, form opinions and encounter circumstances that cause us to feel negative emotions such as anger fear, suspicion, doubt, judgment, stress, and so on. Those negative emotions are like dust that clouds our metaphysical windows.

This is because psychic abilities aren’t a get-it-and-forget-it proposition You can’t work once to open your third eye or increase spiritual connections and expect these abilities to remain at the same level forever. Just as your home must be cleaned each day, your energy system does, too.

So, what kind of metaphorical cleaner is required to clear psychic blocks and get us back into a state of spiritual flow and energetic alignment?

  1. Relax.

You won’t be able to receive clear and accurate guidance and information from the spiritual realm if you’re tense and stressed out. It just won’t work. Anxiety, worry, and doubt are enemies of psychic connections and our ability to receive spiritual information.

Why do people get such good ideas when they’re in the shower? Because they’re relaxed. When you’re calm and relaxed, your mind is in a receptive state, which is essential for connecting with and receiving information from the spiritual realm.

Yes, lots of people are always busy or stressed out. There are some stressors that are simply out of our control. But there certainly are some things that we can control.

Allowing yourself simple pleasures to make you relax will allow you to chill out enough to receive the messages and signals that spirits are sending to you. Try going for a walk outside, taking a long, hot shower, treating yourself to a spa day, or listening to your favorite music. Whatever you do, enjoy it. Relaxing is the first step to clear psychic blocks.

  1. Let go.

It’s not possible for people to avoid feeling negative emotions. Bad things happen, and it’s impossible to avoid feeling angry, worried, or suspicious about them. But thankfully, nobody is expecting you to feel no negative emotions at all. You just need to learn how to notice these emotions and find ways to set them aside. This is how practiced and connected psychics keep their spiritual windows clean.

To keep yourself in a state of high vibrational energy, you must learn to take note of low-vibration negative emotions like anger, fear, suspicion, doubt, judgment, and stress as soon as they surface, and then release them. Positive emotions such as unity, trust, joy, faith, love, and peace operate at higher vibrational energy and manifest spiritual connections.

I used to bottle up all of my negative emotions, which basically turned me into a human time bomb. Once I passed my threshold of emotional rubbish, I’d unleash angry outbursts on whoever or whatever was in my path. I’m still a pro at moping for days if I’m upset about something. And I’m still anxious about every little detail. But now, I know that if I wallow in those negative feelings, I won’t be able to raise my vibrational level and make connections with my spirit guides.

So, when I feel negative emotions, I know I need to let them go. I’ve found that the best way for me to let go of my negative emotions is through simple visualization exercises. Here’s one that may work to help you return to a higher vibrational level.

  • Imagine you’re standing in an open area. A hot air balloon is tethered nearby.
  • A truck arrives with a load of empty boxes.
  • You fill each box with a negative emotion you need to release.
  • Label each box with which emotion it contains.
  • Stack the boxes in the basket of the hot air balloon.
  • Release the balloon’s tethers and calmly watch as it floats away.

Keeping your energy in a high vibrational state involves recognizing negative emotions when they surface, acknowledging that they don’t serve you, and let them go. This release is the second step to clearing psychic blocks

  1. Schedule spiritual self-care.

Finally, we’re going to circle back to an earlier point: psychic abilities aren’t get-it-and-forget-it types of things. You must actively continue working to maintain your spiritual connections.

Do you remember the dusty windows/negative emotions analogy? Besides relaxing and letting go, you need to care for yourself by keeping your spiritual windows clean. For a lasting change, you need it to become a habit. To do this, deliberately schedule time in your daily routine to care for your spiritual self. Unblock your psychic connections and keeping them clear requires a commitment to a non-negotiable minimum of 10 minutes a day for spiritual time. You’re making a commitment both to yourself and to your spirit to focus on doing this every day.

Committing to and implementing the strategies I laid out in this article will firmly set you on a path to clearing psychic blockages and communicating with the spiritual realm. Please share your thoughts in the comments section as you proceed!

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