Nov 282019
What psychic channeling is. By Psychic Izzy

For me, psychic channeling is a powerful way to communicate non-verbally with angels, spirits, guides and energy sources, for myself or others. I enjoy doing this for individuals, animals, plants, and situations.

How I channel

I have to prepare myself before I start to channel. I take deep breaths, calm my body, ground my energy, and connect to a source. I also use tools like tarot cards, angel cards and crystals to channel. However, I get results faster when I read through energy and trust my guidance.

Why I channel

I usually do this to help clients with questions and things they are likely to be concerned with, make situations clear or engage in energy healing. I can also talk to people or animals who have died. Daily practice over recent years has made it easy for me to learn and trust these tips. I also love channeling for energy balancing, Reiki work, chakra clearing, deep distance healing, and protection purposes. It is only at a higher vibration that the most effective communication is realized and this results in richer communication methods.

During the channeling process, the energy usually flows through me, frequently creating a visual awareness and at times I encounter physical presentations like heat, tingling or energy flowing through my body. At times I can speak words or metaphors. I always consider everybody’s concern making me approach this work from love and above perspective.

Advantages of channeling

I have learned a lot through these encounters. I have light concerns and can find positives and advantages. I have a broader view of what life entails and this provides more clarity, choices, and directions to all of us. this makes me have a deeper sense of empowerment. And I wish you that as well.

I encounter great spiritual growth and expansion when in a state of deep connection and channeling. At times, I know when it happens but other times it happens in the background. This has a similarity to the quiet and connected state of meditation, even though for me when I am working, I’m frequently involved actively in communicating with you. I am very grateful for this gift.

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