Oct 042019
Removing Negative Energy

We all know when we get toxic energy or bad vibes in our home.  These can come from an argument or from a sickness that has shared a space in our home such as the kitchen or the den.  Your home might be clean but still have a heavy feeling.  Even if you are not a master at Zen, you can feel the energy if you pay attention.  A room that is energized should feel light and inviting and it should not feel negative.  It is important to get your house good and take out the negative energy.  Use sage house cleaning and healing crystals and other things on a daily basis.

When you learn how to cleanse your home from negative energy, you will have more harmony and happiness.  Use ancient techniques to get your house in order.  Use Sage, Frankincense, Copal and healing crystals.  When you put in extra effort, you will be balanced.

Take 5 or 10 minutes to give the energy to the space around you.  Collect crystals that are pure from the environment and also ones for healing.  We recommend that you clean your space before bringing in crystals so that the energy can increase.

Remove Negative Energy

If you feel that there are bad vibes, there are techniques that you can do to remove the negative energy.  Toxins form the outside of your home need to be neutralized with the sage house cleaning practice.  A home is a place that you need to get away to rejuvenate so you need your home to be clean and to get rid of negative energy in your space.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of negative energy is sage.  It is considered a sacred plant and burning it can cleanse the area.  Burning sage is used all over the world to restore health and wellness.  This can neutralize the negative energy and it can be carried away in the smoke.

Burning Sage

It is important to have cleansing tools such as a sage stick to protect your house and to get rid of negative energy.  Use a mother of pearl bowl and put a small amount of sand in the bottom of it and then this will help to burn the sage fast and get the energies out.  This can be a shell.

Make sure all the windows and doors are open so the negative energy can leave the home.  Light the sage for 30 seconds and create enough smoke to neutralize the toxins.  Sue the feather to move the smoke throughout the house.  Start at the front door to get the energies outside.

Holding a sage stick, follow the door around each room and go to places where arguments have taken place.  You can say your mantra outload and it can go into your heart and your soul.

Take time to use healing powers of the crystal by putting sage smoke around them.  Hold the crystal in your hand and let the sage smoke flow in it.  Ask the sacred wisdom of the plant to clarify the house and recharge it.

Make sage cleansing a routine and include smoke of the Palo Santo wood which can balance the earthy and woodsy smell of the sage.  This needs to be blown on more often so that you can see the smoke.  Blow on it continuously while you walk around the room.

Use the feather to waft the smoke around the closets, hallway and all through the house.  You will notice when you finish that the area is cleansed and balanced.

Another tool is Frankincense and it can purify the powers of the Palo Santo.  This can detoxify and purify the home.  It can absorb negative energy.

If your home has illnesses or a lot of arguments, you need to combine the cleansing tools to increase the cleaning.  Copal incense is another healing tool that is used in burial grounds.  This is one of the oldest forms of sacred energy cleansing.

If you are sensitive to smoke or it isn’t allowed in your apartment, then use a spray bottle with purified water.  Combine the Santo and the water and you can use the cleansing spray and infuse the water with healing by suing raw crystals in it.

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