Oct 042019
Indications that you possess clairvoyance

What is Clairvoyance?

This term has two French words “Clair” and “voyance”, which means “clear vision”. This is the vision that visualizes truths and future events by turning that information into symbols and pictures.

To sum it all, clairvoyance has a visual ability that’s heavy. For you to understand well your level of clairvoyance, below are some indications you have to pay attention to.

  1. You don’t find difficulties visualizing scenes, symbols and more.

There are different ways in which visualization can manifest itself.

Clairvoyants might frequently have images or scenes manifest in their mind’s eye. They may be prophetic or symbolic but they all try to make sense of psychic information.

Below are examples of what clairvoyants are likely to encounter:

  • Watching “movies” in the mind’s eye.
  • Clear colorful pictures that form when you are daydreaming.
  • You experience motion when reading a novel.
  • Connecting sounds, different words or ideas automatically with different mental images.
  • Images or scenes popping into your head for no particular reason.
  1. You experience vivid dreams

You experience incredibly intense sharp, colorful visual detail in dreams both at night and day time. The scenes only exist in your mind’s eye but you feel like you are seeing them before your eyes. You frequently dream and daydream without difficulties.

Several clairvoyants always remember every detail of their dreams. Clairvoyance is all about sight hence the reason why all the colors in your dreams are mostly bright, colorful and symbolic.

These dreams may at times be prophetic. Maybe you experience the symbols that show up in your dreams in real life. You can use mental training to help you remember and understand how they can be used to your waking life.

  1. You are attracted to beautiful things

You are just attracted to flowers, sculptures, paintings, and other physical objects. clairvoyants love things that are beautiful though can’t explain why.

Clairvoyants are frequently empaths. They can deeply connect with another person’s feelings especially through crafts that the person creates. It’s essential to nurture this appreciation of beauty as this can be spiritually fulfilling.

  1. You can remotely sense things

Clairvoyance can detect physical disruptions around them because they frequently have heightened senses.

These abilities involve feeling bad about a situation and later finding out that something bad really occurred or just feeling like someone’s nearby before physically seeing them. You are also likely to feel anxious before something occurs unexpectedly.

  1. You visualize psychic flashes

Several psychics will encounter these sudden flashes like sparks. Not everybody will sense movement.

Below are examples of psychic flashes:

  • Columns or X’s of light
  • Vivid color flashes of mental images and scenes out of nowhere
  • Sparkles of light in your peripheral vision

Two clairvoyants can’t see the same thing or force these flashes to happen. It’s usually someone from the spirit world trying to contact or communicate something to you. It’s that energy that they directly tune towards you that causes the flashes before your eyes.

  1. You see how things connect

Several clairvoyants understand well how things and ideas connect.

Clairvoyants are frequently manipulative. They can manipulate shapes and pieces into their heads to comprehend the bigger picture.

They don’t use a lot of energy while doing this. Their minds just naturally do it.

Clairvoyants are also able to turn information into pictures and locate connections between places and ideas.

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