Aug 282020
What are Gnomes

Gnomes are enchanted beings and they are magical in what they do. They are beautiful creatures that can help you in your life. They like to work hard, and they can bring good luck.

Gnome Facts

A gnome is a being that is around 6-12 inches tall and they will stand still when a human comes by them. They like to give you peace and they love jewelry and glittery things. They also will make things that have glitter on them.

A gnome is also called an Earth Spirit and they help to guard animals and people. They will stay close to animals that are hurt and will help animals escape that were captured by humans.

A gnome will love over 400 years and is a vegetarian and they like to eat things such as:

  • Nuts
  • Berries
  • Mushrooms
  • Lettuce
  • Green Beans
  • Carrots
  • Fruit
  • Raspberry Juice
  • Honey
  • Dew
  • Gin
  • Tomatoes
  • Almost all vegetables.

How to See a Gnome

Most people can see gnomes and some that are gifted can see them when they are not in the opening. A gnome usually sleeps during the daytime so that the humans do not see them and when they walk their footprints look like bird prints.

The male gnomes have pointed hats and long beards and they wear clogs and boots and the females have long hair that is yellow or golden and curly. The female wears dresses or skirts and aprons.

Magical Gnomes

Gnomes have a lot of special magical powers such as being able to communicate with animals and being able to talk to all things in nature.

A gnome is very fast and can outrun even the fastest animals and they have perfect eyesight and can see things miles away. They are also very strong even though they are very small.


A gnome home is usually found in a gnome colony and they are found in hills or in tall grass. Some gnomes are found under the ground or in trees. They have homes that are like humans and they have pantries where they store their food that they need to have when it gets too cold to find it.

Types of Gnomes

There are different types of gnomes such as:

Garden Gnomes

A garden gnome lives in the garden and they love to change the garden and plant new things. They will move things around in the garden like pots and other things.

Forest Gnome

A forest gnome is rare, and a human will rarely see one. They live in the forest and they help to keep the forest safe.

Dune Gnome

A dune gnome lives in sand and is a larger gnome than the others but is just as fast and strong.

House Gnome

A house gnome lives in the cracks of homes and they have many different families with them. They can speak English or whatever language the human speaks that they live amongst. Their biggest enemy is the human.

Farm Gnome

A farm gnome lives in barns or at farms and they help to take care of the animals. A farm gnome is quiet and stays to itself.


Gnomes are considered quiet and shy, but they live amongst you. If you see a gnome, it will bring you good luck and good luck will follow you. You can find gnomes if you look for the signs of them around you.

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