Sep 052020
Ways Angels Give You Guidance

Have you ever felt like you were around angels? The truth is, you could be and not even know it. Angels can be around you to give you messages and dreams that can give you messages to help you. This can be hidden messages or small messages and angels want you to have attention to the signs that they give you. Some of these signs can put you in the right direction on your journey and sometimes they might seem small, but they are always significant.

If you see small signs, these can turn into more and more signs and even bigger signs. If you want to know if you have angels around you, you can increase the moments of your signs and know what signs to look for so you can get messages and guidance from your angels.

Hearing Voices

Sometimes some people can hear the voices of their angels, but this is not always common. Some people will get messages through visions or dreams and other nonverbal ways. If you have ever received a message in your mind or heard a whisper, this can be an angel trying to give you a sign.

When you do hear an angel, this is a great sign, and this shows they are there to support you and guide you. If you hear a voice and you wonder what it said, ask your angel to tell you again or to give you another sign.


Angles can give you guidance and messages through other people. Sometimes the angels will send people to go to you to give you encouragement and to inspire you in your life. If you have had a stranger come up to you and give you information or hope that you needed to hear, chances are that your angels sent them.

Sometimes you will meet someone you never met before and they will tell you something you really needed to know. If you feel that you have a divine meeting, it could be your angels reaching out to you.

Music and Songs

Angels love music because it is something everyone can understand. Angels can use songs to give you messages. Maybe the same song will play on the radio more than once in a row or you will hear your favorite sone and wonder why.

This can be an angel trying to send you a message. Maybe the words of a song will prove that your feelings are real, and the angels will want you to pay close attention to what they are saying and to show you they care.


Numbers, especially angel or repeating numbers, are a way that the angels like to get attention to people. Some people can be sitting there and see 3:33 on the clock and then pass a car that has the same numbers on them. It seems that everywhere you look, that specific number is repeating.

If you see this and you wonder about that number, chances are your angels want to give you a sign or a message. They might even just want you to know that they are there.


If there is a temperature change in the room or if you all of a sudden get a chill in your body or in the back of your neck, this can mean your angels are close to you.

This will not be a scary feeling or something painful so there is no reason to be afraid, but it is a good thing and shows your angels want to see you and you to know they are there.


Even smells sometimes happen when you are not cooking, or you are just sitting there, and this is because messages are sent to us through our senses so that we can pay attention to them. Sometimes, even the lights will flick on and off or you will see different shapes in the clouds like an angel or a hand.

When these things happen, your intuition is trying to tell you that they are there for you and they are protecting you. They want to give you comfort and joy and so if they can bring you these signs to give you these feelings, they will.


Seeing a bright star or seeing light shimmering can be angels that are close to you. The angels bring light so that they can make known that they are around. If you see flashes of lights or colors, this is probably your angel. Stop and pay attention to what they are trying to show you or make you feel.


When you start to tune into the different signs around you, you will be able to tell if your angels are there for you and if they are there in your life. Remember, your angels are there to assist you and lead you down the right path. Be thankful when they show themselves to you.

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