Sep 192020
Twin Flame Union

Twin flames are part of love and once the blocks are moved and your twin flame can come to your love, you will see that this is the path to the union that the universe has set up. There are times when you will want to stop being with your twin flame and you will want to forget about this connection because you do not understand what the point of this and why there has to be so much healing for there to be a union.


When there is one soul and two bodies, this is the twin flame union. The soul splits and when they find each other, this is part of the divine destiny. This is where love, peace, harmony, and happiness come on earth. This is the strongest soul connection that you can ever have, and it is something you cannot find on your own. You will share your soul and your energy with this connection.

The twin flame union has been created from the universe and the union is where you will find your grounding and it will create the biggest way that you can access your soul, as one person (in two bodies).

The twin flame is the embodiment of union and this is where truth and spirit lie. This is not where your journey ends, it is when you make another step towards your higher self and the union has many different reasons and purposes.

Why Does it Matter?

The twin flame union is important because when you and your twin flame come together, you can see yourself in a union. There will be no judging, but you will come together in light and love. This is what the universe wants and is a collective thing.

The twin flame union helps to bring unconditional love and will help you to move forward in your journey. When you become one with your twin flame, it brings union and oneness because of the love. Twin flame unions help with ascension of being your higher self.

New Love

Sharing love with your twin flame is going to be sharing love with yourself. Your soul has to learn to share the love of this planet at this time. You will have lower vibrational frequencies for a time but when you find your twin flame, these vibrations will grow and will become a weapon that allows you to fight against fear.

Twin flame love creates a bigger love that you have never felt, and it is the new vibrational frequency of love.


Twin flames have a purpose that they share. This is how they give love to the world and show them what unconditional love is. Each twin flame ahs a different purpose but it always goes back to unconditional love. You will learn to share your gifts and will have light like never before.

The twin flame relationship is purposeful, and you have to see this as a bigger thing. You have to realize that this is not just a physical union but a divine union.


Most twin flames will need to go through a huge healing level. This will be deeper than anything you have ever been through. All of your blocks will not be cleared before you meet your twin flame, like many say, but they will be healed together, and this is why the twin flame is so important.

Twin flames come together to heal each other and the union. There are so many different ways that the healing happens, and this is what the purpose of this union is.


Twin flames are our soul teachers. They teach us to love and to be patient. They help to remove blockages and teach us to be together and to have love, unconditional love. They will teach each other to have harmony and to send the message of love to the universe.


The twin flame union has a purpose bigger than light and love that you can do on your own. When you share this light and love, you can have the divine love and purpose that the universe has bestowed upon you.

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