Sep 222020
Heart Chakra in Twin Flames

The heart chakra works for the twin flame relationship because it is a divine connection. This connection allows the energy to be pulled and when your heart chakra is balanced and working, the heart will glow and will send out a beautiful signal and light.

The heart chakra has the hara chakra close to it and it is part of the heart chakra but an elevated part. This is usually only felt by those people that have a spiritual understanding and someone that has been reincarnated.

The twin flames will find each other based on the heart chakra and when one twin flame feels something, the other one will feel it to.

The heart chakra has to do with all things that are involving love and it can be blocked when the heart gets broken. Most of the time the heart becomes blocked by betrayal, loss of love, abuse, and other traumatic experiences.

When you feel unconditional love from your twin flame, you will feel it in your heart chakra. This will be like waves of light shooting through you and it will be pure and unconditional love. This can happen through your whole body.

Twin flames will often have hard relationships and they can be accompanied by hurt, stress, fights, and other things.

Sometimes falling in love is hard and it is hard to get the message across to your twin flame, especially if they are blocked at places such as the root chakra.

Feeling Twin Flame Love

The best way to feel your twin flame love is to make sure that all seven of your chakras are balanced and strong. You can do this by meditating and other ways. Your twin flame also needs to do this so that you can be close to each other and have happiness.

When your twin flame comes into your life, chances are you will learn to love them unconditionally and even if they have an unbalanced or closed heart chakra, your love can open up their heart.

This can also open up the heart of other things such as the plants, trees, animals and more.

The heart chakra is something that helps to lead you in life. It can bring you happiness and joy and can help you to feel loving and kind to others. This can improve your life and your spirituality.


The great thing is that the universe knows what you want and what your heart desires. The universe wants to give you joy and wants to see your happiness.

The universe has already given what you want, you just have to wait for it to come to fruition.

Heart Chakra

You can tap into your heart chakra and use this energy for daily living. You can open up your heart chakra and sync your energies with your twin flame.

Doing this will raise your vibrations and make you feel things that you have never felt before. You will allow love to enter inside of you and you will see that love is there for you.

Looking at astrological charts can help you and help you to understand changes in your soul. The changes are already with you, but they can help you to be more aware of what is happening in your life. The soul will vibrate, and the heart of the twin flame will help you to grow.

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