Oct 082020
Having a Spirit Guide Relationship

Over the years, we form many relationships. We have relationships with our family, our friends, co-workers and even strangers. But the most important connection that you can have is with your spirit guides. Your guides are never far from you and you should always connect with them and talk to them. When you do this, you allow your guides to move to the next level in your relationship.

It is important for you to open up yourself to your guides and talk to them each day. You do not have to be a psychic to talk to your guides, all you have to do is to be open minded and to set your intentions on your guides. You also should invite them into your life each day.

Setting Your Intentions

Here are some ways that you can set your intentions on your guides and call them into your life each day:

Make a Space

Make a space that is comfortable for your guides to come and talk to you. Make a place where you can have quiet and alone time and where you can ground yourself while you meet with them.

Ask Them

Ask your guides to join you. They will not come in your life unless you invite them. They believe in free will and they will always follow it.


Take time to relax and clear your mind. Breathe in deep and create a place in your mind where you can invite your guides to come close to you. Say to them, “Guides, please come and let me know you are with me.”

You will get signs that your guides are with you if you open up and listen. Put your ego aside and surrender your feelings. You can get visions or messages from your guides, but you must be open minded.

Learn to feel the energy and the space around you. Ask them to assist you and to give you information. As you sit with your guides, let whatever they tell you come into your mind. This can be thoughts or symbols.

Listen to your guides and then when you are finished say to them, “Thank you for visiting me and sharing your ideas with me.”

Take deep breaths and let yourself slowly come back to reality. Be aware of your feet and legs and breathe out a few times.

Center yourself and open your eyes.

Learn About Them

Take time to learn more about your guides. Ask them their name and what they have been doing on earth. Ask them to show you they are near and thank them for being your guide. Ask them if they have a mission for you and what you should do.


Write down any information that your guides give you. You can go back and read your journal and find out any signs or symbols that they give you.

Be Aware

Know that your guides are there and that they believe in you. Know that they are coming to give you information and that they have messages for you. Pay attention to what they have to say and what they want to guide you in.

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