Oct 102020
Finding Your Summer Soulmate

One of the most powerful days of the year is the Summer Solstice. This is a spiritual day and very powerful time where you can connect with your twin flame or your soulmate. You might connect with them through dreams.

The Summer Solstice is a time when the sun will get closest to the earth and you will have the most daylight. The sun is where you can celebrate and expect summer to come and you will have long days that are sunny and hot.

When the sun reaches the apex, the days will start getting shorter and so Summer Solstice is the time to celebrate the return of the darkness. When the Summer Solstice is coming, you can use the sun with all of its power. The sun has a masculine power and has physical traits. This is when you can manifest what you want.

Soulmate and Twin Flames

You have heard of a soulmate, but some probably have not heard of a twin flame. A soulmate is a person that is destined to come in contact with you, but a twin flame is the other part of your soul. The twin flame is someone that you will share a deep sense of familiarity with and you will bond with them.

The twin flame will challenge you to grow into who you are meant to be. Rather you have a soulmate or a twin flame connection, these are both powerful. They are connections that go beyond the physical world and into the spiritual world.

When you have this kind of connection, chances are you can share dreams with each other. The energy from the Summer Solstice is the best time to make this connection with your twin flame or soulmate.


Dreams are very powerful, and people have always been interested in them. We dream things that make us feel out of control and this happens when we have memories of certain things. Our dreams can cause us to connect with our soulmate or twin flame.

Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams are when you are dreaming and having out of body experiences in your dreams. If you want to keep in a dream state, you can do this by practicing dreaming while you are awake. Ask yourself if you are dreaming and what makes sense in your day. You can see if things are changing and if you are able to be active in your dreams while you are awake or sleeping.

Lucid dreaming can work with meditation as well and can help you connect with your body and mind. When you want to do this, take time each day and night to meditate or change. This will help you to relax and to build your life up for lucid dreaming.

If you do not want to lucid dream but hear messages in your dream, keep lavender or other herbs close to you while you are sleeping.

If you want to have a good connection in your dream state, you can use herbs and manifest the dreams during the Summer Solstice. This is raw energy that can help to connect your soul to the dreams and the world around you.

Herbs and Dreaming

If you want to connect to your soulmate or twin flame, you can use herbs. Use an herbal pouch and say a chant at night before you go to sleep. Do this everyday a week before the Summer Solstice.

Put a small pouch with lavender and anise so that you can have dreams that are clear and rose petals so that you can have love and connection with your soulmate. If you have someone you want to reach, tell the spirit world that you want to connect with them.

Say this each night before you go to sleep, “My dreams are my world and are part of (say their name) world. Let the universe open me up and help me remember my dreams.”


The Summer Solstice is a time when you can make a spiritual connection. If you want to connect with your soulmate or with your twin flame, now is a good time. This is a powerful connection that you can have. Learn to celebrate this time and go into a deeper place where you can connect in dreams.

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