August 9, 2022
Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

Have you ever wondered what was going on in your life that was bringing about change but you can’t seem to figure it out? You question yourself and your mind because things are not the way that you imagine they should be?

If you have been going through a hard time and you are questioning what is going on in your life, chances are that you are experiencing spiritual changes. With these changes can bring stronger vibrations and energy to you. You have this energy to help you through it.

There are different things that different people go through when they experience a spiritual awakening and it can affect people differently in their lives.

Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

One change that you will experience is a change in your sleep patterns. You might be sleepier during the day than you are used to, or you might find that you cannot sleep well at night. You might wake up and sleep, wake up and sleep and go through this over and over again.

Make peace with how much sleep you get. You will get what you need, and your spiritual guides will help you to give you a break when you need it. When you are awake, take time to write down what you are feeling and learn to adjust.

Head Activity

You may feel tingling in the grown of your head or a sensation along your spine and scalp. This is energy moving through you and it can be something that you will experience as you go through your awakening. This can also be a pressure.

You may have goosebumps or other sensations when your crown chakra is opening, and you are receiving new energies.


Maybe you are weepy a lot or you feel like crying for no reason and then all of a sudden you are happy. You may feel that you are on an emotional roller coaster.

This is part of your heart chakra opening up. When you feel these feelings coming, let them come. Do not suppress them or hide them away. Deep breath and allow yourself to have these feelings and let them go away on their own. This is cleansing your body, mind and emotions and it is part of your journey.

Ask your guides to help you and to give you strength. They will take care of you and help you to work through these feelings. If you feel depressed and you feel that you need to seek help, talk to someone.

Old Stuff

Chances are different things will keep coming up such as issues you have or addictions. You need to work through these things.

Do not try to find out why they are happening, just get deeper and talk and walk through it. Do not avoid these things but learn to face them and move forward.

Thank your guides for helping you and even if life is stressful, learn to have peace and understanding on what is going on inside of you.

Weight Changes

Some people gain weight or lose weight. You might be afraid of these things but remember your body is being healed. This is a time where you need to ground yourself and not fight against your body.

Accept the symptoms that you are going through right now and release your stress. You might find that losing or gaining weigh tis easier than ever before. Learn to enjoy the food in front of you and be thankful for what you have.

Nourish your body with good things and healthy food and eat whatever you want but bless it before you finish eating. Learn to do this as a habit.

Eating Habits

Your eating habits might change. You might see food that your body wants and craves.


Allergies might come present in your life that you never had. You will be more sensitive and so this can cause there to be allergies to food, outside and other things. Always cleanse yourself from toxins in your body and go to an acupuncturist if you need to.

Remove things out of your life that make you feel unhealthy and do healthy things like brush your teeth.


You will be more sensitive in your sight where you will see shining things or glitter, maybe even auras. You will also be able to close your eyes and see darkness and shapes. The sky might look brighter and different colors than you remember because you are becoming more sensitive to things around you.

Change the way that you see things and be happy with what you are looking at.

Your hearing will also change, and you will hear more clearly. You will hear sounds you never heard such as tones or beeps. Maybe you hear ringing in your ear and are able to translate what people are saying to you.

Surrender to these sounds and let them show you what you need to know.

The taste and smells that you have will be stronger. You might smell things that are unpleasant and gross to you, but other things might smell great. Foods will taste better, and you will be happy and enjoy your life.


Rashes and acne might come. You might get bumps when you get angry. You can work through these things and get rid of the toxins. Wash your face and work through it.


Intense energy will come to you in shifts. You will need to give into this energy and be thankful for yourself. If you are tired, take a nap and take advantage of your new energies.


You will change the way that you meditate, and it will be part of your daily focus. You will want to communicate with the spirit world more and you will have better feelings. You will have shorter meditation periods that are more powerful.


All of a sudden you might have power run through your body. You can go cold to hot in seconds and it seems that your body is doing all these crazy things to you.

If you get uncomfortable ask your spirit guides to help you.

Physical Things

You may begin to have headaches or other body pains, digestive problems, or racing heartbeats. You might have sexual desires you never had, or you might heal from conditions.

Look for medical advice if you need it otherwise this is just temporary.

Younger Looking

Looking younger has always been your dream and now you can have it. You will be lighter, and you have higher vibrations. This will give you a better life and help you to be stronger.


Your dreams will seem real and you will have lucid dreaming. You will get messages from your spirit guides. Always write down your dreams and do not try to force them.


Strange things will happen in your life. People will come in and out of your life and you will have change. Do not ignore the change and focus on things that are important.


Patterns will not seem as important as they did before. You will find your purpose in life and you will be drawn to things such as nature and certain people.


Pay attention to your emotions even if they are hard. Let your discernment follow you.


You will enjoy being alone and doing things by yourself.


All of a sudden you will be creative in art or music, maybe even painting. Ask your guides to help you to be more creative.


Time will change and you will see things happening fast. Life will accelerate and you will want to slow down. Ask your guides to help you. Pay attention to your intuition and when you feel rushed, calm down.


You will feel something is going to happen, but this is nothing to worry about. Embrace things that come and go in your life and have no fear.


You want to be better and things to happen right now and they won’t. Learn to live with things that are not certain, and things will come when you are ready for them. Learn to have trust in your spirit guides to help you.


Everyone wants to find their meaning in life, and you can do this by craving your purpose. Ask your guides to open up your heart and follow it.


A sense of being different will come to you. You are better than you were, and more is coming.


There will be people all around to help you and to help you mature and grow. When you want to be more positive, seek it. Think about their point of view and listen to what they are telling you.

Speaking to You

Find what someone that speaks to you or listen to the world around you. When you hear something, pay attention, and never worry about asking questions.


You will learn things at a faster rate than you are used to. Remember that you need to have healing in your life, and you have to deal with it.


People will feel like no one sees them and they will have vibrations that change their surroundings.  Rest in knowing that you are safe and taken care of. Ask your guides to keep you safe.


You will see visions and be more aware of things around you. You will love getting new messages.


People will become personal to you and you will want to do what is right. You will find that you are able to say no to people and to keep secrets and be more honest.

Listen to what your heart is saying and if you need to say no, do it.


Seasons will change and you will be in tune with them. You will be connected to the earth.

Electrical Malfunctions

Things will flicker and go off and your computer or phone will act crazy and lock up. Ask your spirit guides to fix your electronics and to protect you and put light around you.


Look for miracles around you and when you have synchronistic things happen you are making good choices.


Thinking of things and having them happen is a symptom. You will increase your clair giftings and be more sensitive to the spirit world around you.

Spirit Communication

You will learn to communicate with your spirit guides, and you will channel with spirits. Take this as an opportunity and listen to your feelings.


People will become important to you and you will be one with others and with the universe.


You will have joy and peace.


You will become one in your body, mind and spirit and reach your higher self.


Finding your purpose is important to you and you will have new giftings and purpose in your life. Listen to what your heart is saying and ask your guides to tell you what to do next.

Animals and Plants

Animals and plants will become important to you and you will see them as humans.

Seeing Spirits

Spirits will appear around you and you will not be afraid. Ask your guides if you get nervous or fearful.

Seeing Truth

People will manifest who they really are to you and you will always know.


You will have your desires faster. Monitor what you are thinking and be careful what you send into the universe.


You will focus on your goals and change your perspectives. You will challenge yourself and live your life.


Your abilities will be strong, and the fog will lift. You will be more compassionate and caring and you will develop your inner being. You will have strong memories and you will speak more clearly. You will be able to communicate and things will be complex, but you can figure them out.

Some will find that they are drawn to pictures or movies or dancing and you will find things you love to do during this time. Follow what your heart leads you to do and find people that support you.


Some experience bouts of dizziness and feeling lighter. Ground yourself by eating healthy foods and by meditating.


Our bodies will sometimes be out of balance during this time and you might find that you are getting hurt a lot. Ask your guides to keep you safe and stay grounded. Go out in nature barefoot and eat good foods. Slow down and be mindful around you.


Your heart will beat wildly, and it will feel like you are having an increased heart rate. This might scare you but do not be afraid. This can be your heart chakra opening.

If you feel nervous about your health, seek medical attention, and tell your doctor what is going on.

Faster Hair and Nail Growth

Your hair and nails will grow faster.

Soulmate or Twin Flame

You will want to find your partner or your soulmate or twin flame. You will want to send out into the universe what you want so that the universe can send you the perfect mate.

You will meet someone that is perfect for you and you will be happy and enjoy your life.


Memories will come from your past life. Try to write these down and do not try to analyze them.

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