Jul 212020
Life after Death: Proof It Exists

We all want the comfort of knowing that our loved ones who have passed on are still around. There are five common signs, sent from heaven, to allow us for this peace of mind and needed comfort. In order to receive these signs, all we require is an open heart.


There are many skeptics that believe that without concrete proof of life after death, then it cannot exist. While no one can offer this, having a vision or a spirit image is a remarkable thing. There is a story of an older lady who had recently lost her husband. As she sat in church praying, she opened her eyes and saw her deceased husband, as real as life, standing before her. Though it was at church and lasted only seconds, it was very real. Some may wonder why at church, but this is likely the sacredness of the setting and a knowledge of his wife being a faithful attendee.

There are different types of spirit visions. These are explained below.

  • Full-on Vision – This is rare, but can happen. This is seeing a deceased love one in solid form or a slightly translucent version.
  • Photographs – Another vision type is through photographs. People often see orbs or outlines of loved ones in a photo taken after someone has passed. Some believe if it is an orb, it should be solid, not translucent.

Invisible Touch

If you have ever felt a touch, ever so slight, but no one was around. Perhaps a touch on the arm or back or your hair being brushed. This can be a sign a loved one is around after death. This can be highly comforting for many. It is like a loved one offering comfort through touch, only we cannot see them.

Smells and Scents

Smells are actually a common way for passed loved ones to let us know they are still around. This is typically something closely associated with the one who has passed away. Something like a certain perfume or flower smell, a favorite food, cigar smoke, or just about any other scent that reminds you strongly of them in some way.


Sometimes, proof of life after death comes in the form of dreams. These are sweet, kind dreams in which your passed on loved one seems so vivid and real. This is how you can know it is a message from heaven. Some of the signs of this type of dream are:

  • Highly vivid images
  • Loved one who is smiling, healthy, and happy
  • No spoken words, but plenty of communication
  • Emotional in that you wake up happy or tearful

Moving Objects

There are many signs of life after death and another is objects being moved. This can be any object with meaning, like a photo, jewelry, or special book if significant.


When family members and friends are on the other side and are taking the time and energy necessary to try to communicate, it should be cherished. They want to offer comfort and visit with you. This should be enjoyed. If you feel it was your loved one, no second guessing, just take comfort.

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