August 9, 2022
Feng Shui

Do you have a hard time sleeping or do you feel that the different rooms in your home have something wrong with them? Like something just seems off. If that is the case, chances are that you need to try some feng shui in your home.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese energy cleanser that can help you in your surroundings. Doing feng shui can help you to have your energy flowing properly and this can help you to have love and joy in your home or in your office. The best thing about feng shui is it is very easy to do, and you don’t have to put a lot of work into getting this done.

Feng Shui and Colors and Elements

Before you look at the rules of feng shui, you have to understand that with feng shui are colors and elements that are part of understanding how it works.

There are five different elements including wood, earth, fire, metal, and water and each of these have a different kind of energy. These are put int place so that you can have strong wellbeing and that you can reach your goals in your life.

All of the elements work with a different color and if you need to add that element to your home, you can add these colors to the home and you can focus on unblocking that particular energy. This can bring balance into your home and it can bring peace and joy there.


  • Wood works with your family, finances, and your health.
  • Put this in the north part of your home.
  • This can bring growth and health in your life and can help you to manifest things.
  • The colors include green and brown.
  • You can use different kinds of plants or furniture that matches the color scheme.


  • Helps you have a better life in your career and your relationships.
  • Put this in the south part of your home.
  • This can help you to have growth in your career.
  • The colors include yellow, orange, pink, green and purple.
  • Use different kinds of artwork and lighting or light candles.


  • Works to give you strong relationships that are peaceful.
  • Put in the southwest or the northeast part of your home.
  • This brings growth in your spirit and can help you to focus on things that are important.
  • The colors include skin tones, yellow, beige.
  • Use the different colors with furniture or paint your walls that color.


  • This helps you to be more creative and to have luck come to you.
  • Put this on the western part or the northwest part of your home.
  • Allows you to clear your mind.
  • The colors include silver, grey and white.
  • Use different objects made out of metal and different colors throughout your home.


  • This helps you to find your career life.
  • Put in the north part of your home.
  • This can bring you wisdom when you are trying to find the right career choice to take.
  • Use surfaces that are reflective such as mirrors and fountains.

Rules of Feng Shui

Now that you understand the different elements of Feng shui, you can now use this in your living areas so that you can make sure that your home is full of peace.

Front Entrance

You need to let this be the place where people see right when they come into your home. This is the first impression that you will make with your home. This is an important space to keep covered with good energy.

  • Get rid of clutter and make sure you have a good space for coats and shoes.
  • Look at the doorknobs and make sure they are clean.
  • Make sure the doorbell works.
  • Have a good welcoming mat to keep dirt out.
  • Take away any mirrors facing the door because this puts good energy back outside.
  • Have a rug that shows what direction to go.
  • Make sure you have a well-lit entryway.
  • Do not use plants that have spikes because these can make negative energy.


People sometimes forget that they need to keep their hallways safe and strong. These are the passages that lead through your home.

  • Keep the halls full of light.
  • Use pictures and artwork but don’t use too many.
  • Make a place where people look down the hallway such as a colored hanging.
  • The hallway needs to be clear of clutter.


This is another important room to keep strong because it represents wealth and manifestation. This is where your family and your friends eat.

  • Make sure the kitchen is clean.
  • Do not have heavy items hanging because this creates negative energies.
  • Keep the appliances working and in good shape.
  • Use paint.
  • Hang a mirror behind the stove so that you are in charge of the position.
  • Get rid of empty spaces above the cabinet and put nice décor on them.
  • Make sure the freezer, cupboards and fridge are in good shape and expired food is not in them.
  • Turn the stove on at least once to keep the energy active.
  • Have a good energy come by having good natural light that is bright.

Dining Room

This is the place where you sit with your friends and loved ones and you want this room to be welcoming to everyone.

  • Keep your dining table for meals only and don’t do work at those tables.
  • Use centerpieces of fresh flowers.
  • Fill the space with nice artwork.
  • Do not put your table straight with parallel walls but make sure that you have lines and edges around it.
  • Put the seats so that everyone is facing the window or the door.

Living Room

The living room is a perfect room to invite people to sit and to be entertained.

  • Use large plants to help you grow.
  • Put all of the sets in a place where you can see the door.
  • Make sure you let the furniture allow you to move through the room.
  • Pick décor that is inviting.
  • Use the five element colors when you create energy in the space.

Family Room

Use this room to relax and to have fun.

  • Put a nice throw rug in the room.
  • Pick the five elemental colors so that you have a happy mood.
  • Have enough seats for everyone.
  • Put the television in a place where everyone can see it.
  • Pick round furniture.

Office Places

If you have a room that you use as an office, you can use this to make sure you are successful in your career.

  • Find a nice desk.
  • Get a good desk chair that gives you good posture.
  • Put your desk where you face the room.
  • Do not have your back to windows.
  • Put inspirational sayings around your room.
  • Don’t clutter with too many things such as pictures or artwork.
  • Make sure your furniture doesn’t have sharp corners that face you.
  • Make sure your view is not distracted.


The bathrooms use the water element, and you need to be sure that you don’t have too much water, or it can cause you to lose your wealth down the “proverbial” drain.

  • Keep the toilet shut.
  • Keep the space clean.
  • Make sure you get enough light in the room.
  • Put a mirror on the door.
  • Clean off the mirrors of fingerprints.
  • Put a real plant on the toilet.


People spend time sleeping in this room and you want to have clear energy so that you can have peaceful sleep.

  • Get rid of clutter.
  • Use storage boxes.
  • Make sure your bed faces the door.
  • Use lower lighting.
  • Keep the drawers and doors closed.
  • Do not put mirrors that you can look at from the bed.
  • Keep books in your room that you are reading and not any other ones.
  • Have a good headboard.

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