August 9, 2022
Twin Flames

A twin flame is a strong connection that comes between the feminine and the masculine energy. This is a divine meeting that will happen when two souls separate before birth and then when they come together, they are twin souls and they become whole.

A twin flame is a relationship where there will be loyalty and love and where they will love each other for their whole life. This will even flow into any kind of infinite lifetime.

Traits of a Twin Flame Relationship

There are some traits that can help you to know if you are in a twin flame relationship or not such as:

  • Knowing the person like you have known them forever.
  • An instant connection.
  • Being able to communicate without talking.
  • A time of chasing and running.
  • Learning life lessons.

What Happens with a Twin Flame Relationship?

A twin flame relationship will be something that can cause both good and bad in your life. There will be times where the relationship is amazing but there will also be times where there is a separation.

When the separation happens, it causes blockages in your mind, body, and soul. This is a time where you have to learn to heal and to be able to move on in your journey until the souls are united again.

Karmic people will sometimes try to stop a soul connection, or they will try to make something work out that is not meant to work. When there is a twin flame connection, people become jealous, and they do things to try to stop the connection from happening.

They live a life of bad karma and they don’t want to see anyone find happiness or to find love.

Being miserable can cause people to want everyone else to be miserable too. This means that they are not going through spiritual growth and they don’t understand that they are causing suffering and collecting more bad karma in their life.

People will sometimes look at a twin flame blockage and they will do what they can to try to stop any kind of connection that they have with each other. They will try to tear the relationship apart and even though they will keep coming back together, the connection will struggle because of this person and their actions.

The relationship will not be one that can be broken but it will be a challenging relationship. When someone is trying to stop a connection, they cause a blockage, and they create bad karma for themselves. They do things that challenge the relationship, and this challenges the universe as well.

A twin flame connection is not about people, it is a divine connection that is meant to be put together because the universe wants them to be together. When twin flames are separated for a time, they will seek truth and they will see that this is a blessing so that they can grow and reach their higher self.

Nothing can come between the universe and the twin flame and this is a blessing that comes when you follow what the universe has to offer you.

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