August 9, 2022
Manifesting Things in Your Life

Are you someone that feels like you are manifesting things just how you are supposed to, but you are not getting what you want out of it? If you are, you are not alone.

Sometimes we become fearful, and we feel like things are out of our control and it causes us to not do the things we need to do. You may even allow fear to control every aspect of your life and it can keep you from getting what you want.

You may have even asked the universe to help you, but you still never got the results that you wanted. You may have aligned your power, but you were not making a real reality for yourself.

Manic Manifesting

Manic manifesting is something that happens when you try to control the manifestations in your life. People often get hung up on what is going to happen and when things don’t go the way that you hope, you do things a different way.

You can have things in your life to help you but if you cannot receive your desire, how will it help you?

When you choose to manipulate your manifestations, you will become needy and stressed. This causes your vibrations to get lower and it causes the universe to not be able to reach your vibrations. The energy that you send out is what you will get back and if you are sending out low vibrations, that is what you will experience.

You should be clear, that isn’t the point, the point is that things do not always have to be perfect. You can spend time and work and think about what you want, but when you don’t put good energy into it you will miss out on the manifestation.

If you want to start a new relationship, meet your soulmate or if you want more money, a better job or to fix things with your family, you have to stop being a manic manifester and learn to let things come as they may.

When you think better and you act better, you can have a happier life.

Energy of Happiness

People that are spiritual often think that if they meditate and talk about what they want, they can make it happen.

Manifesting isn’t about making things; it is about getting your energy to be positive and to have love and faith in life.

When you let your energy be of joy and happiness, you will manifest things to your life, and you will attract joy and peace.

You must stop trying to control things and move on in your life.

Stop Manic Manifesting

There are different things you can do to stop manic manifesting and start getting what you want in your life.

Know You’re Manic Manifesting

The first things that has to happen is that you are admitting that you are manic manifesting. This means that you are obsessing with how things are, and you are putting your judgements in.

When you realize you are doing this, the more you can surrender and the faster you can get your life in order.

Highest Good

Instead of asking the universe for what you want, ask it to give you the highest good. You need to stop asking for what you need and ask for the good to come for all.

Whenever you ask for the highest good, you put your own thoughts and needs behind you and you learn to figure out the best for everyone and the highest good for yourself.

How You Feel

You must learn to focus on what and how you are feeling. You need to know that what you are feeling and what you are thinking will come back to you. Do not wait to feel good but learn to feel good now.

When you put an outcome over a feeling, you will find yourself stressed and aggravated. Learn to feel good before you get what you want and let your desires flow.

There are ways that you can focus on how you can feel instead of manic manifesting. Here are some ways:

Pay Attention

Learn to pay attention to what you want to come into your life. Focus on your love and what you hope for instead of what you have to have.

Learn to think positive things and focus on what you will feel like when you find your love. You will bring love into your life and you will have friends and family that open up to you.

Once you learn to appreciate what you have in your life, you will attract more of it to you.


Learn to make your life the way that you want to see it. Let other people see you for what you want. Visualize the things that you want and how they make you feel. This is called creative visualization.

Let your feelings manifest your desires and feel what you will feel before they happen.

Get Aligned

Learn to align yourself and stop manic manifesting. Do not be miserable and learn to focus on what you want in your life and what you have.

When you think about things, think about how you feel and how free you are. Stop manic manifesting and let the universe align with what you desire and take care of you.

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