Jun 172021
EFT Tapping: Stress Relief Techniques

Our lives are ever-changing due to the relational dynamics, constant learning, and adjusting to change and loss that we face every day. What we need each day and the changing stress levels over a pandemic, political chaos, and even changing weather can lead to high levels of stress. This is why it is so important to find or strengthen tools that help us regulate mental and emotional states so we do not become so overwhelmed. Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping, EFT, is one method that can be adapted and practiced anywhere to help us relieve stress and practice proper self-care.

EFT Tapping Explained

EFT Tapping is a therapeutic technique that is focused on soothing the central nervous system. Many speak highly of EFT as an alternate therapy form that addresses stress and anxiety among other issues. EFT involves tapping nine separate acupressure point all along the body to balance energy, break energy blocks, and promote energy flow throughout. Acupressure points, also called meridian points, are medicinal concepts in Chinese medicine and refers to key areas on the body’s energetic pathways. EFT is powerful is the techniques alleged ability to access a part of the brain called the amygdala. This is the part of the brain that is in control of the fight or flight response.

One person who shared their trial period with EFT has shared what it was like and whether it was helpful. The first thing shared was that there are multiple techniques to using EFT to choose from, so finding what works for you may take some time, but it can also be adapted. EFT is highly adaptable for many situations, not just when fearful, but also when becoming anxious or just trying to relax. EFT includes verbal and physical commands that allow for redirection of focus immediately. It can help calm the mind almost immediately because obsessive thoughts are disrupted by touch and words. This can be helpful as a form of self-care for so many.

How-To Guide: EFT Tapping

  • Identify the Issue – You must know what problem you are trying to resolve, the more specific the better. Go deep into the root of the issue and your deepest feelings.
  • Rank the intensity of the specific issue on a scale of 0-10 or in some other way that fits your needs.
  • Prior to this, choose a phrase to repeat while tapping. Something about self-acceptance, not the situation. If you cannot think of something on your own, fill in the template “even though I am feeling _________________ (emotion), I accept and love myself fully.”
  • Move through the tapping sequence as you say your phrase repeatedly. Use one or more fingers to tap each point outlined below. Tap each point five times before moving on. While some points have a twin point on the opposite side of the body, only one side needs to be chosen. There are variations in the order, but one is shared below for reference.
    1. Karate Chop – The fleshy part of the hand below the pinky, yet above the wrist
    2. Eyebrow Beginning – To the side and just above the nose where the eyebrow begins
    3. Side Eye – Outside corner of the eye, on the bone
    4. Under Eye – Bone under the eye, about one inch below the pupil for most people
    5. Under Nose – Between the nose and upper lip
    6. Chin Point – Between shin and lower lip
    7. Collarbone Beginning – A point where the sternum, first rib, and collarbone intersect
    8. Under Arm – On the side, about 4 inches below the armpit
    9. Top of Head – Center of the scalp
  • Now rank the intensity again and repeat each step until you are at the lowest ranking.

EFT Tapping is a self-care technique that is adaptable and engaging while aimed at the central nervous system. EFT Tapping can be done discretely in public settings or in private. There are many forms of this technique that can be adapted to your needs. The goal is to help you find balance and peace of mind. Give it a try.

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