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Using Glamor Magic and Glamor Spells

There are many different glamor spells, and they are not often seen as witchcraft. These things are exciting, but they can be intimidating to people that have just started practicing because of their complexity and the fact that they can sometimes not be as predictable as other spells. Some witches never feel comfortable doing some magic and many people think that there are some spells that are not good such as lying spells and they do not feel comfortable doing these kinds of magic.

Some witches think that glamor spells are immoral because they think that it is like using makeup that is magical and this often happens because they don’t know what a glamor spell really does.

People often look at glamor spells and believe that they are going to change how you look and how the world sees you but here you are going to learn more about glamor spells and how they work.

Glamor Spells

Glamor spells are changes that you make in your life, and it changes how other people look at you. This change might be how you look or how your voice sounds when you talk. The change can be something that has to do with our emotions and how you respond to people that upset you or hurt you.

When you think of a glamor spell, you might think that this is a kind of magic that will change your looks, but the truth is that a glamor spell does not always change how you look but it does other things in your life.

There are different kinds of magic and glamor magic is a way that you can be more confident in who you are such as how you sound when you talk or how people look at you. It can also change the way that people accept you even though you are who you are. This means that you are more accepted in the gender that you are and how people empathize and have feelings for what you are and who you are. Glamor spells don’t just change how you look but it can change how others accept you.

Glamor spells can be used for vanity purposes and there is nothing wrong with that if that is what you want. If you want to be more confident in who you are and feel better about yourself, a glamor spell can be perfect. This can help you to be stronger when you go on dates or when you go to a job interview, and you want to seem stronger than you are.

How Glamor Spells Work

Glamor spells never change anything about you in the physical or the spiritual and they don’t change who you are. When you use a spell to look better when you are going out on a date it doesn’t change how you look and when you want people to accept your gender it doesn’t change what sex you are, it just makes people accept you more. You can even do a spell that makes you more trustworthy when you aren’t that person at all. A glamor spell only changes how people see you and accept you.

If you use a glamor spell to make yourself look better, you don’t change how you look but people will be more attracted to you. If you use the spell to have more confidence, you are going to find people around you that see your confidence.

Some witches or even other people get disappointed with this kind of magic because it doesn’t change them but what it does is takes your energy and boosts it so that you can appear to be something better. It would take so much energy to actually change your body that you would never be able to cast a spell of that proportion. This is why a glamor spell changes how others see you. To make real changes in your life you have to work hard and make your own changes. Remember that you live in a physical world, and you live where there are time restraints and if you want to change something about yourself, you can do this without using a spell. Make the changes in your life and you will have changes that you need.

Glamor spells can only work so much magic, and you cannot change completely who you are with them. You will not be able to make yourself look different and if you have someone that hates you, they will probably not become close to you with the spell. This is just a way to change the thoughts of some people towards you but not change who you are.

Are Glamor Spells Immoral?

Do you feel that glamor spells are like lying to people? Morality is something that is relative to who the person is, and it depends on what you believe. Using a glamor spell is not any different than putting on makeup to feel more confident. When you do these things each day to change how people see you, it is like doing a glamor spell because it makes you feel more confident when you look nice and go out.

Everyone works to make themselves look better and to feel more confident when they are going out on a date and if this is not something you consider lying then you will not consider a glamor spell to be lying either.

Glamor spells are normally only used when there are special occasions such as first dates or going on a job interview. Some people will use them when they go to meet their partners friends or families, but most people only use them when they need them to boost their confidence in something important. This can help them to be more comfortable in a situation that they are about to go in. Someone that would use a glamor spell each day would get to a point where they were being immoral.

If you want to use a glamor spell to be more attractive because you are going on a date with someone you like that is one thing but if you use this spell every day because you want to keep them attracted to you, this could be a line between fake and real or lying and being honest. You have to be careful to never manipulate the way that you use magic.

It is up to you to decide of you want to do a glamor spell or not. You should never use this everyday and if you feel that you have to do that, you need to find out what you don’t like about yourself and learn to make real changes in your life. Find out why you feel that you need to use a glamor spell each day and why you feel that you cannot live without this kind of spell. Do you want someone to like you that doesn’t? What kind of changes do you want to make in your life that would require you to put some effort in to change yourself?

You are the only one that can answer these questions and it is up to you to change your circumstances to make yourself feel better. A glamor spell cannot work to change who you are and is probably not immoral but when you use a glamor spell to make you feel like you cannot live without it, it can become immoral then. You have to figure out what feels good inside of you and what doesn’t.

Using Glamor Spells in Witchcraft

Now that you know what a glamor spell is and you know how it works, you have to decide how to make a spell work in your life. How do you put this kind of spell to practice?

A glamor spell is the same as any other spell. If you are following the spell and you are confident in what you are doing, you will be able to cast a glamor spell just like you can a love spell or a financial spell. There are some great spells you can try out on your own.

Come to Me Spell

You can use this spell to make yourself look more attractive or have people more drawn to you. This does not make people desire you in a sexual way, normally, but it makes people want to be around you. This is a good spell to use on a first date or when you start a new job and want to make new friends.

Here is What You Need:

  • Mirror.
  • Black cloth.
  • Clove.
  • Allspice.
  • Nutmeg.
  • Water.
  • Plate.
  • Incense.

Start by putting a glass of water on the table in front of you. Sprinkle some allspice, nutmeg and clove on the plate and then put some incense or herbs as an offering of your spell. Say what your intentions are and ask the spirits to come around you to help you.

Ask them things such as, “I ask the spirits of nutmeg, allspice and clove to come and help me to be irresistible and to find new friends. Have people come near me and let them believe me to be funny, interesting, and exciting.”

Once you ask what you want, mix the spices on the plate, and put them beside of you. Take the mirror and face it up on the table and put the mixture of spices around the edges of the mirror so that it is the same shape as the mirror. The spices should be touching the mirror but not hiding the reflection of it.

Look at the mirror and let your face reflect and say, “Come to me and everyone look on me. My face is reflected here, and I will draw people in. I will hold them rapt and the longer the stay the more they will draw to me.”

Once you finish saying this, cover the mirror with the black cloth without losing your reflection until the mirror is completely covered up. You want to catch your reflection inside of the mirror and do not uncover it until the spell works.

Invisibility Spell

This is a glamor spell that will not make you invisible, but people will not notice you as clear. Remember that this like other spells can only do so much and if you are going out and making a scene or making a bunch of noise, the spell will not work as well. The spell will not let you rob a bank or break into someone else’s home. You will be able to go out and about without most people noticing you. Sometimes when this spell is used people are distracted when you go by, and they don’t notice you.

One of the bad things about the spell is that you have to be using the spell the whole time that you want to keep invisible form people. Before you use the spell, do what you can to blend in. Don’t wear some strange colors or pajama pants to somewhere fancy. You need people to not look at you and you need to learn to blend when you do this spell.

Try this spell at home around people that live by you. Start at a place where you can focus, and you can feel the energy of keeping you have hidden for as long as you can.

Sit in a comfortable place and keep your eyes closed. Notice how your skin feels and how your clothes feel that you are wearing. Notice everything that is touching or going around your body. You have to feel every part of who you are. Once you are ready, you need to imagine that there is a wall between you and the world around you, make the outline of your body look blurry and imagine that your body is like a mist around you. If someone tried to look at you, imagine that they cannot see anything but a blur.  Make sure that you feel this strong and then start walking around.

Do not look in a mirror or see your reflection and make sure that you do not get out of your head. You have to keep this sense while you are moving, and you need to feel like this when someone comes around you. If you make a noise or talk to someone, they will see you but if you stay calm and keep in this haze, they will not notice you. If you are not able to be quiet and the spell seems not to work, keep practicing. Figure out what being invisible feels like to you.

Try to do this spell in different places and around different people until you are good at it. There are some people that are more susceptible to you, and it will be easier to keep this situation in some places than other places.

Sweet Words Spell

This is a spell that will make people hear your words sweeter and make them believe what you say more. They will more likely agree to you and this spell is simple and can work when you go to a job interview or when you are presenting a project.

What You Need:

  • Honey or sugar.

The first thing to do is to put honey or sugar on your finger. Close your eyes and put the sweetness on your tongue. Let your mouth feel sweet and say, “May all the things that I say taste as sweet as this and may it go to their ears like honey.”

Once you do this, let people around you hear you and see how many people actually agree with whatever you say.

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