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Cleansing Guide for Witches

Chances are if you are a witch, you have heard a lot about cleansing, but you might not really know much about it. There is a lot of information about cleansing but sometimes it is hard to find the information that you need in order to know what to do next.

Cleansing is something that people need to do often, if not every day. Some choose to do it weekly, and this can help them to feel safe. When a witch is struggling with their magic, it can mean that they need to do a cleansing.

What is Cleansing?

Cleansing is something that people often hear about, but they get the wrong kind of information, or they don’t understand that it is something that is purposeful.

Cleansing means that you get rid of energies from people, places, and things. Cleansing is a way that you can easily remove things in your spirit, and you can get rid of unwanted bonds or energy that allow the energy to stay close to you.

This is important because it helps you to live in a space where you are not harmed, and it helps your area to be clean from negative spirits and feelings. This can help you to have a strong environment where you can do your spell work and where you can keep your energy strong and healthy. There are many great reasons to cleanse, and you should know the skill and use it.

How to Cleanse

Here is a guide to cleansing and how it can help you in your life.

Pick Things to Cleanse

The first thing to do if you need to cleanse is to find out what energy in your life or around you makes you feel down or is not good energy. If you notice strange energy coming around you or if you get a new tool or crystal, you need to cleanse. You might also need to cleanse if you are always feeling tired or upset.

Cleansing Method

After you know what needs to be cleansed, you need to decide what method is good for you. There are different ways that you can cleanse things, and some are good, and some might not work for you. For example, some crystals can be damaged if you use water on them to cleanse them whereas when you cleanse with smoke, it can hurt your animals if you have any living in the home. The best is to know what the different methods are and find out which ones work for you.

Smoke Cleansing

Smoke cleansing is a way that you put smoke into the area. Many people will use herbs such as rosemary or sage and some people will use incense.

Smoke cleansing is easy, and you light the herb, or the bundle and you put the smoke all around yourself, the area you live in and anywhere that there is energy that you want to leave or to flow better.

One thing to know is that witches do not do smudging and smudging is a Native American term that is used to practice smoke cleansing. It would not be accurate to say that you do smudging if you are a witch because witches use smoke cleansing and not smudging.

You need to also know if you have pets that smoke cleansing is not safe.  You never want to use this in a room that doesn’t have good ventilation or a window. Open the window in the room if you are smoke cleansing and especially if you have pets that could suffer from breathing too much smoke.

Water Cleansing

You can also cleanse things with water. You can wash things, put things in water, take a bath or you can soak things. You can also use a spray bottle full of water and spray it in an area. Remember, there are some crystals, herbs and other things that can become toxic or damaged when put in water.

Water is a great way to cleanse your body and is one of the best methods that people often use. You can put yourself into a bath and get rid of any negative energy that you have from spells, spirits or anything in your life that is negative. You can learn to use bathing to help you relax and take care of yourself.

Salt and Earth Cleansing

People can bury something in the earth for at least a day or two to get rid of negative energies. You can bury something in soil, but it is best to wrap it or put it in a container before burying it to make sure that it doesn’t get lost or damaged.

Moon and Sun Cleansing

You can put objects in the moonlight or the sunlight depending on what you are trying to do to cleanse objects. This can help with the energy that the object has.

Sound Cleansing

There are many different instruments that you can use in order to sound cleanse and get rid of unwanted energy. You can use things such as rainmakers, sound bowls, tambourines, drums and more and this can even help you to have energy to dance and get your own energy working better.

Crystal Cleansing

Some crystals can cleanse other things such as the Smoky Quartz. You can put this around objects that have negative energies, or you can hold it in your hand to cleanse your own life.

Cleansing Steps

Once you know what you are going to need to cleanse and what method you are going to use, you need to cleanse things.

It is important to remember that no matter what method that you use, the intention is what makes it more powerful. You need to make sure that you are able to keep the intention as long as you are holding the object. This can be done by you visualizing what you want, by imagining things changing and think with your mind and your heart about how you want something to change and let the magic work its way through.

Finishing the Cleanse

You want to know how often you should cleanse? The answers lies inside of you. Some people can cleanse daily while others feel that they only need to cleanse when their energy feels negative. This is up to you. Pay attention to how you are feeling and then decide if you need to cleanse anything around you.


After you cleanse, you can do wording on an object or yourself. This is how you can know if there is energy that is negative around you, and you can figure out the problem fast.


Banishing is sometimes needed when cleansing is not taking care of things. If you find that after you cleanse that you are still not whole, you might need to banish whatever energies are being bothersome to you. This is something all witches need to learn.

New Energies

Once you cleanse, you can feel that there is a void of energy around you. This energy can pick up good or bad things. You need to make sure that you do not let the energy be chosen by anyone other than yourself.

When to Cleanse

Cleansing is something that you can do anytime that you want. When you feel that you are tired or you are lacking good energy, this is a time you can cleanse. If you find yourself being emotional or you are struggling with things, cleansing can help you. You can do this each day or do it weekly when you are feeling down.

It is important that when you bring new objects into your home that you cleanse them. This is especially helpful if the object was brought in from somewhere other than your home. You never know what kind of energy is left over on the object. Always cleanse any tools that you are going to use and if you have already programmed them to make a spell work, you do not have to cleanse it until you are ready to start something new with that object.

You can use cleansing to start if you need to stop a spell or change the program of a tool. The first thing that you can do is to cleanse the object and then move on.

You should always cleanse your home if you have a breakup with your partner. Make sure that you cleanse things that your partner has touched such as the bed, the belongings that they have left there and anything that you associate with them.

Sometimes you might even need to cleanse things over and over again after the breakup until the energy is back to normal.

You need to cleanse your own energy sometimes as well. Some people have strong energies, and they have this because they cleanse often. You can find out what is best for you and know that there are ways that you can easily cleanse your own energy often or even each day.

You can put cleansing with water into your everyday habits and taking a bath can help you with this. Even washing your hands can be effective or carrying crystals around that are cleansing crystals. This can help you to keep unwanted energy away from you each day.

A witch should always use cleansing as a defense in their life and there are many different methods that can help to make this happen. You can learn more about cleansing online and you can find out all the methods that witches can use to cleanse their energies.

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