Apr 022022
Know When to Block or Not Block Your Ex

The dating scene is way different today than it was before people had social media. The way that we communicate and talk to others has changed since social media became a part of everyone’s lives.

When you break up with someone or someone breaks up with you, it can be painful and sometimes they can be very ugly. But in todays world, when people break up on social media, it can be even harder to accept and understand.

Before social media came along, we would get closure when a breakup would happen but now with social media once you break up with someone you can still access their life by getting online and looking at their Instagram or Facebook. You can see who they are flirting with or where they are going and with who. Not only that, but you can also look and see if they are online and wonder who they might be talking to. You will most likely see something that you don’t like when you look at their life online.

The problem with this is that we are just curious by nature. This happens because when we love someone, we are curious about their life and sometimes it can get to the point of obsession. When this happens, you might wonder if it would be best if you would block your ex.

The question is hard and has been debated because some people feel that it is just showing your bitter side when you do this. You may also wonder if your ex blocked you what that would mean or what they would be trying to tell you? Would it mean that they hate you or that they actually still love you and they don’t want you to see things that might hurt you?

There are different things that people can think when you would block your ex and here are some of them. The great thing to remember though is to be happy because these are not rules that you have to live by.

Why Block Your Ex?

Here are some reasons to block your ex:

So, You Don’t Check What Your Ex is Doing

One of the biggest reasons that people will block their ex is so that they are not always looking what their ex is doing. Some people cannot resist to check if their ex has moved on or if they are talking to someone else and when this happens, you might feel happier if your ex is in your past and you can move on without the temptation of always checking up on them.

The Breakup Was Ugly

When a breakup is beyond hurtful, it can leave you with a broken heart and broken boundaries. When you feel that our breakup was ugly, you might choose to block your ex so that they cannot cause you pain in your life any longer.

Getting Closure

Once you breakup with someone you will need to have closure. Sometimes social media can cause that closure to not happen because you can still have feelings and you can still contact and watch your ex. You might even see that you will do things to spark up the relationship or even just sex and then you will get in a bad cycle of breaking up and getting back together.

Mind Games

If your ex is wanting to make your heart strings sing, they might do things by posting things on social media that upset you. They can write things to others that might hurt your feelings, or they can say things to other people that involve your name.

Playing mind games can mean that they are messaging you to check on you and then when you answer them, they don’t answer you back or they disappear. You can stop yourself from getting hurt by just blocking them.

Why People Don’t Block Their Exes

Here are some reasons you might choose not to block your ex:

The Breakup Was Easy

When a breakup did not involve things like cheating or putting each other down but you broke up because you didn’t fit together or you fell out of love, the breakups might just be an agreeable thing. This means you can be kind to each other and still be friends.

Leaving the Relationship Open

You might want to not completely close off a relationship in case you decide to get back together later. Sometimes when you break up with someone you will still have feelings for them. The relationship might have ended because you had other things to do in your life, because you were afraid of committing or even because you were egotistical. There can be different reasons and you might decide that you might want to reconcile the relationship later.

Don’t Show Bitterness

Some people will not block their ex because they don’t want to look bitter or childish. They don’t want people to talk about them or make them look like they are not able to move forward in life.

Do You Block Your Ex or Not?

There are no rules when it comes to blocking your ex or not. You have to look at your life and see what is best for you. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If you are keeping your ex on social media and it makes you feel sad or angry, block them.
  • If you don’t want to block them because you don’t know how your ex will take it, if it makes you feel better, do it anyways.
  • If your emotions make you feel weak or regret that you broke up with them, block them.

You have to decide what is best for you. If you are blocking your ex because you need to have peace of mind and calmness, do it but if it is for revenge or to hurt them, do not block them but just move on. You have to know what you want and not just act out of anger. Make sure that your decision brings you inner peace and that you can be happy above all else.

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