Jun 292019
Tools you can use to jump start your intuition

Use of pendulums

A pendulum allows you to connect to your subconscious and also your higher self. It is an object that is used to for a simple divination. It shows you a variety of answers; either yes, no or maybe. All you have to do is note down how a yes, no or maybe answer swings. Generally, pendulums can help you do a lot of things but the most important one is to let it serve as a direct connection to your inner self without your judgment or ego getting in the way.

Use of crystals

Allows you to open your third eye, charge up a room with positive vibes, increase your vibrations, and protect your spiritual energy. Crystals can be used to jumpstart your intuition just as they were used by talismans for protection. They can also be used to serve as a conduit for energy flow as well as enhance our meditation practice. For instance, crystals such as clear quartz and lapis lazuli are really helpful during meditation. They sync with our energetic fields and help us awaken our intuition.

One can also use crystals to create manifesting grids. For instance, one can create a grid that represents abundance such as citrine or pyrite if they are working towards attracting more financial abundance. All they have to do is write an affirmation on a piece of paper and put it on the center of the grid and allow the crystals to charge the energy they are sending to the universe.

Use of oracle cards

Tarot cards assist in predicting events and according psychologist Carl Jung, tarot cards can help people to understand the flow of life, especially when predicting future events. However, in the world today, there are oracle cards which we can use to determine our past, present and future readings. All we have to do is shuffle them, pull three cards and see what the readings are saying. But we should not forget that out of the three cards we have pulled, the first on represents our past, the second one our present and the last one our future. These cards are effective as they can help us to get in touch with our higher self and inner guidance.

Use of runes

Runes can help an individual gain insight into a problem or gain a deeper understanding into their soul’s purpose. All they have to do is shake the runes gently in the bag they are in while they are thinking of a particular question. After that, they’ll have to pull three runes from the bag that represents the past, present and future. Similarly, they can pull three runes to represent the issue, the challenge to the issue and the solution.

Generally, there are many types of runes but a beginners set may consist of Turkic runes, Cirth and Hungarian runes although those who consider themselves creative may curve symbols on a stone and write them on a piece of paper.

In conclusion, when you are using these tools to perform divination, you should ensure you say affirmation or a prayer of intent before you do anything else. This will allow you to protect yourself with positive energy, set your boundaries and protect your energy. And when you use these tools more often, you’ll learn to trust yourself and your inner guidance. It is this inner trust that will help you to develop and awaken your intuition.

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