Apr 132019
Are Clairvoyants Genuine or Bogus?

This question has no definite answer. Each and every clairvoyant work independently. Just as others may look genuinely gifted, quite a number are a fraud. It is due to the existence of fake psychics that this industry is worth $ 2 billion of revenues in a year.

If you are looking forward to having clairvoyants readings in the near future you should know ways of determining whether a clairvoyant is genuine or a fraud.


Below are some of the common indications that a clairvoyant is not real.

Personal Information

A bogus clairvoyant is likely to inquire about your personal information like where you live or the country you come from. After getting this information they are likely to accurately make guesses about many things in your life. You’ll, therefore, be surprised at how accurate they are yet they are using references from other clients they have worked with to give you a reading. This kind of behavior is known as “cold reading”. There is an explanation of what cold reading is in the book “Cold Reading Confessions of a Psychic” and how clairvoyants are using it in the bogus psychic world.

Level of Income

Fake psychics will frequently ask you about your income level. If you prefer a video reading to a phone reading then make sure you don’t wear anything that might give the clairvoyant an idea of how much you’re worth. If you also decide to have a one on one meeting and happen to drive there, make sure the clairvoyant doesn’t see your car. A different reading is likely to be given to an individual who drives a BMW than one who drives a Ford.

These bogus clairvoyants use your income level to have a better understanding of opportunities you are likely to have and the people you are likely to meet.  Inquiring about a person’s level of income is one of the many ways that fake psychics are using to deceive clients.


Fake clairvoyants are likely to inquire about your star sign and date of birth. This is quite common with online readings. Know that genuine clairvoyants do not need this information. Only astrologers or those who have psychic gifts may need this information. It is said that those clairvoyants who inquire about your star sign are likely to paraphrase newspaper astrology reading to you.


Fake clairvoyants are likely to claim that they have the capability of making things happen in your life. They are also likely to suggest that you have a curse that’s affecting you and they are capable of removing it.  Curses are non-existence. Do not believe anybody who tells you that they do.

Withstand your questions

Do not answer questions that you present, there is a chance that fake clairvoyants will ask you a lot of questions. They will trick you to give them information which they later refer to giving you feedback.

Unclear answers      

Bogus clairvoyants are likely to give unclear answers to questions. They might give exact dates and time to confuse you. This is a fraud as it’s impossible for a genuine clairvoyant to relay such kind of information.

They will tell you what you want to hear

Fake psychics are likely to tell you what you want to hear and not what you need to hear. They avoid negative things and just give you wonderful news. This is because they feel like that’s the only way to make their clients happy and to get good ratings. They, therefore, attract new individuals who they fraud.

Online reviews

Fake clairvoyants might have good online reviews. If you check reviews of psychics and discover that all the reviews are glowing, you have all reasons to be suspicious as there is a likelihood of them being a fraud written by the clairvoyants or their families. There is no clairvoyant who can be 100% correct; they both have bad and good days.

Frequent readings

Real clairvoyants are likely to say that you need to have readings once or twice a year while fake psychics will recommend that you have readings frequently. They need you to depend on them emotionally.

Long sessions

They extend sessions in order to get more money. This behavior is very common with phone clairvoyants.

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