Mar 272019
Experiencing the Different Types of Psychic Connections

Have you ever felt a spiritual connection with another person? Maybe you were in the same room with this person, or perhaps you were in totally different locations. Either way, this could mean that you’ve experienced a psychic connection. Psychic connections come in various types and often happened between two people who have a strong connection to one another, even if they aren’t aware of it.

So, how do you know if you’ve experienced a psychic connection? There are a few signs to look out for that may point to having had a deep spiritual connection with another person. Have you experienced sudden and uncontrollable mood swings? If so, it could be because the other person you’ve connected with is feeling these moods and in turn, you’re feeling them too. You may also feel strongly attracted to someone, however, cannot find a logical explanation as to why the attraction exists. You may also feel as though the person you’ve connected with is familiar to you even though it’s the first time you’ve met. Another sign of a psychic connection is thinking about calling or texting someone, only to have that person call or text you a few moments later. So, what are the reasons behind experiencing a psychic connection? Here are the types of connections that could explain why you’ve connected with a certain person…

Twin Flame Connection

The twin flame connection refers to two unique halves who join together to form one complete soul. Twin flames think, act, sense, and feel in the same way, so if you’ve connected with your twin flame, this is a very powerful psychic connection.

Soulmate Connection

Although one cannot have a soulmate within the physical world, it is possible to meet your potential soulmate in your physical life. A soulmate connection means you’ve connected in your mind, body, and soul, so, when you both die, your two spirits will be joined together as actual soulmates.

Past Life Connections

A psychic connection with a stranger could mean that the two of you have a past life connection. This means that the two of you could very well have been one soul in your past lives and were then reincarnated.

Karma Connection

Karma is all about action and reaction or the cause and effect. It’s about how what you’ve done in your past reflects your present. It’s not something you can have control over, as what happened in your past will predetermine what will happen in the present. So, a karma connection can occur between people who shared a connection in the past, therefore being connected in the present as well.

Kindred Spirits Connection

Kindred spirits share many similarities in their ways of thinking. They could have similarities in spiritual beliefs, feelings, orientation, and attraction to something. Kindred spirits share similarities on the mental and physical realms, differing from twin flames, who only experience similarities in the spiritual realm.

A psychic connection with another person can be a powerful thing. So, be on the lookout for that person who you’ve connected with spiritually and otherwise, as they are surely meant to be an integral part of your life path.

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