Feb 222019
10 Tips for a Great Psychic Reading

Get the reading you need and that’s rightfully yours. Be open-minded and know what to expect.

I’ve learned little something about helping each client achieve the most from their session for over 43 years as a professional psychic reader.

Some tips may need you to take a deep breath and push through the suggestion with an open mind while others are very simple.

  1. Refrain from giving too much information

Please understand that we simply want to get to the heart of the matter when a reader asks you for basic information such as, “Where can we begin?” or “What’s your greatest concern?”

  1. Have a paper and a pen/pencil reading. It’s much easy to record. My clients are grateful for the notes, I discovered that. There’s no need to rewind since they make a good backup.
  2. Be confidence and ask questions or request us to repeat something. Individuals understand things differently. Some are very selective and this results in a danger zone for readers. We want to be certain that there is clarity during your session and all questions have been answered.
  3. Relax in a quiet area. The place you’re in should be comfortable and don’t be in a hurry. You can have hot tea or water closer.
  4. Have tissues in handy. This is because many sessions are usually emotional.
  5. Do not rush your advisor. Psychics are also human. Each and every psychic has a different way of recovering information since they work with different beings and their impressions are not like a light switch. Psychic therefore need to relax and calm themselves before giving answers.
  6. Be open-minded. Not all readings will go the way you expected.
  7. Refrain from jumping from one reader to another. This might be a difficult suggestion. When one advisor has to confirm another one’s advice, confusion is likely to occur and clarity won’t be given. Find that psychic that you’re more comfortable with and have 2-3 more as a backup.
  8. Know that death and personal, private matters are tricky for Advisors. Each and every psychic will react differently to these kinds of questions. I have projected death 3 times over 43 years of reading professionally. It is only 3 because the client won’t try to make amends but will be able to handle it. Personal business is also hard for readers. We only respond to what we feel is okay since we respect people’s privacy.
  9. Make use of your session wisely. Although not everything will happen exactly as stated there should always be a clearer direction for you to travel with. Spend a day with a wise old woman who can help you along your journey.

Do not forget that we are in this profession for you. Our greatest desire is for you to heal, experience, love, find peace and become secure.

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