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Contacting with Spirits Through Psychic Communication

Psychic communication is when you communicate with spirits.  What is the best method of communicating with spirits?

The best method of doing this is to make sure that you have developed all of your gifts so that you can smoothly communicate in all the things that you do.

Most people feel that it is easier to communicate in different ways than in others ways.

There is a science behind communicating and this will help you to find the best ways to communicate.

If you understand things better by touch or by seeing it, by hearing it or you just have intuitive knowing, then you can develop these powers and redefine your communication methods that will give you confidence in knowing what is the best method for you.

How Do  You Know What Your Gifts Are?

Communicating psychically happens in many different ways.  Some people are mediums and they are able to communicate with spirits on a one on one basis.

Sometimes, people will communicate with their loved ones who are not on the earth any longer.  It can be the way that the spirits use the medium to make contact with them.

The best thing to do is to ask for help and you ask the people that are communicating with you for this help.

If you do a certain meditation to increase your gifts, you can also develop better psychic communication this way.

When you tune in to what is being said to you, you will see that you can communicate better and more efficiently.

If you don’t know what to do, you might find that there are spirits that are trying to help you.  Maybe they even lead you to this page.


The Chakra helps to increase the psychic communication.  Most chakras have crystals that help you to communicate better.

The throat chakra is the main chakra for communication and it helps you with the third eye.

To increase the psychic abilities, use a purple Amethyst crystal to guide you.

The third eye is known as the second sight and it helps you to see the world as a whole.

This is the seventh chakra and the highest one of the physical body, known as the crown.

It works with the other chakra such as the soul star chakra to help you better communicate.

The crystals work with mediation to help you with your gifts.

It is helpful to keep the stones with you as long as you can each day, such as wear them on a pendant or with jewelry.  There are many crystals that you should try to wear to help increase your gits.

How Does Psychic Communicating Work?

You can use the spirits to help you communicate with the world.

Each person can communicate with a spirit, you just might not have done this yet.

Find your spiritual guide and then start talking to them daily.  You will be guided and do what they tell you to do.

You also need to ask for help and you will get it.  It is very simple to make contact.

Ask for help can be the beginning and can give you answers to help improve your psychic communication.

There are many places where you can get answers to your questions.  Once you develop your abilities, you can see that you have even more communication gifts.

Be open and follow the path of coincidence and synchronicity to help you know how to be psychic.  This will help you to increase your gifts.

How to Achieve Communication

Use meditation daily to help you get rid of stress.  Doing it just a few minutes a day can help you to not feel as anxious and to help you increase your gifts.

Use a specific crystal to hold while you are meditating because this helps you to get to your gifts faster.  You might hold a blue stone since this color is helpful in communication.

You also might want to use the third eye stone so that it can help move the process along.  Some crystals are both third eye and throat chakra crystals and they can help speed things along.

Meditation can help you develop your gifts.  If you don’t know how to mediate, learn about mediation and how to get started.

The process is easy and there are books that make it harder than it really is.

Close your eyes and just be still and listen, it can only get easier.

How Does Meditation Help?

Meditating each day can help you to develop your psychic powers.

When you meditate, your brain slows down and lets you get a rhythm that can calm down your day to day activities.

There are two areas of the brain the Amygdala and the Anterior Cingulate Cortex that help to develop the psychic gifts that you have.

Use isochronic tones to help you meditate better and it helps you with your gifts by enabling the brain to set new rhythms.

When your mind chatter stops, it can help you to meditate deeper and you can develop your gifts more effectively.

Developing Your Abilities

Some churches have psychic developmental classes and some mediums help to teach you privately.

These classes are called developmental circles and can help you to develop your abilities.  They will help you to communicate and to use your psychic abilities.

One motivation is that you can learn to understand how a medium works.  They will help you to talk to the dead and talk to people that have already died.  Some clairvoyants are very talented and come from these circles.

Some go on and become psychic employees such as tarot readers and clairvoyants.  They use crystals and cards often.

Different Psychic Gifts

Using a blue or lavender crystal can help you to develop your gifts and help you with psychic vision.  When you meditate, hold them in your hand and you can be aware of the psychic communication around you.

Ask your guides for help and be grateful for what they do for you.

Sit in silence and go deeper into your abilities.  You might know the gift of psychic knowing that can help you to communicate directly to spirits.

This can be related to automatic writing which you can develop by journaling on a daily basis.

If you want to develop this gift, write in your journal all the time to hear from the spirit.

Use a blue Angelite crystal to help you boost your gifts.  This can develop a deeper intuition and give you an idea when something is going to happen.

These gifts all come together and show when you are having a gut feeling about something.  If you see a picture in front of you, this is how clairvoyance or visions begin.

You can sometimes hear ringing in your hears and this might mean you are getting the gift of clairaudience.

When you have a strong feeling about something it is the gift of clear feeling or clairsentience.

If you touch something and get a feeling about the owner of the object, you can have psychometry.  This is like clairsentience.

These are the main gifts that you can have and some people have more than one at the same time.


There are different stones that do different things.  Some have high energy and some help you to develop your psychic gifts.

The throat chakra or the crown chakra will help you and help you to develop a gift first and one that is more dominate than the others.

When you develop your gifts, you might decide that communication is more dominate than other abilities.

Then you need to concentrate on that power.

Once you open up to the spirit, negative things can happen to you so use crystals for protection.

Some stones are for grounding and protection.

Be careful what you do regularly and always ground yourself in your meditations.

This is valuable to have crystals if you become ungrounded.

How Do Crystals Help?

Having crystal stones can help you with new psychic gifts.

They can help you make good chances that you need to make and help you to be happier.

Having happy vibrations will help you to have happiness on a regular basis in your life.

When you communicate with your spirit guides, ask them to help you.

If you have a problem with getting your mind quiet, try using a guided meditation to help you relax.

Keep using the crystals each day with the meditation.  When you develop your gifts, you will find that they will help you with life overall.

When you are clear about your gift, use the chakra stones to help you with these abilities.  Stones such as the Arfvedsonite can help you to develop your abilities.

Allow your guide to work with you and to help you figure out what gift you have.

When you get clarity about your gift, you will become more confident.

The communication can improve your overall life and help you through everything you do.

Books for Psychic Development

There are many books that can help you to develop your psychic abilities.

Some books will share the experiences of other psychics and help you to understand how their abilities developed.

List of Crystals

Some of the crystals are here to show you what you can use to aid you in your psychic abilities such as:

  • Blue Sapphire
  • Smithsonite
  • Moldavite
  • Rainbow Moonstone Pendant
  • Atacamite
  • Celestite
  • Blue Topaz
  • Natural Raw Turquoise
  • Adamite
  • Papagoite
  • Tsavorite Garnet
  • Conichalcite
  • White Agrellite
  • Zircon Stone
  • Spirit Quartz

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