Dec 232020
The Meaning of the Grounding Oracle Card

If you are new to Oracle Cards, pulling the “Get Grounded” card might feel confusing. Here is a quick tip sheet to help you improve and hone your intuition.

Key message: Highly sensitive person. Empathic abilities. A close bond with nature. Person who gets recharged by being outside.

Pulling this card is a sign you need to increase a sense of grounding in your life. When you are out of balance you can become vulnerable to absorbing excess energy from other people. As you take on the thoughts and emotions of others, you may begin to lose sight of yourself, and can struggling in multiple facets in your life as a result.

The card relays that you have keen sensitivities and are probably an empath. You require ample time alone to rebalance your energy and tap into the Universal energy to help ground yourself. People are either extroverts that draw their energy from others, or introverts that feed off their personal energy. Consider what type speaks most to you and work to create ways to increase energy in your life. Being sensitive is a blessing, but it must be carefully managed. You pick up external energy more easily than other people. To rebalance yourself make sure you know how to ground yourself and ensure you spend ample time reconnecting with nature.

There are many methods to ground yourself. A powerful technique is Earthing that improved your bond with Mother Earth. When you go outside, place your hands on a tree (your palms are extensions of your heart chakra) or walk barefoot on the ground or in the water to release what doesn’t belong to you.

Key action needed: Ensure you remain grounded and connect with nature.

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