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Learn to See Auras with this Simple Six-Step Exercise

Every living being is surrounded by an energy field. Some people can see these energy fields as colored auras that radiate anywhere from 6 to 18 inches around them. Many people have a natural ability to see auras, but the ability often diminishes over time as they repeatedly encounter ridicule or disbelief when they try to discuss what they’re seeing.

Auras are similar to the data storage cloud in that they’re full of information about us—everything from our thoughts, our mood, and our psychological state, to details about our past, present, and future. During in-person readings, many psychics are able to access this information. It should come as no surprise that the ability to perceive and read auras tops the list of psychic abilities that people wish they could master. Fortunately, reading auras doesn’t require any specialized equipment. All you need to do is take the time to practice.

To start seeing auras, you must consciously not look for them. If that sounds like a paradox, it is. Looking at auras is similar to looking at the sun in that they’re both things you can’t look at directly! Here’s a simple six-step exercise to help you start seeing auras.

  1. To begin, you’ll need a willing family member or friend. Have your subject sit or stand in front of a plain white wall.
  2. Sit or stand facing your subject, about four feet away.
  3. Breathe deeply and request that the colors reveal themselves to you.
  4. Soften your gaze and quietly focus a few inches away from your subject’s body. Many people find that the best way to begin is to focus on the area behind the subject, as though they’re looking right through the subject.

At first, you may only see one or two colors, and they may not be very bright. Don’t force things, and don’t keep the person waiting too long.

  1. When you’re finished, write down the colors that you saw and where they appeared relative to the subject’s body.
  2. Try to interpret what you think the colors could mean.

Once you’ve repeated this exercise a few times, you should begin seeing more colors. But don’t start looking directly at the person, and don’t start looking where you think the colors will appear. Just keep practicing holding a soft focus. As you continue practicing, you’ll notice that the aura becomes stronger and more clearly visible. You’ll know you’re doing it correctly when you receive more accurate information through the colors in the aura.

The same exercise can be used to start seeing your own aura. Sit in a chair several feet in front of a large mirror and begin with step 3 above. Keep your focus soft, and make sure you’re not looking directly at your reflection or at the space your aura occupies. Simply look right through it.

The best things about this exercise are that you can practice on yourself, and you can repeat it as often as you want to. As you get more proficient at seeing auras, don’t be surprised if you suddenly realize you can see the auras of people, animals, and plants you encounter when you’re out and about! It’s a reminder that we’re all beings of pure light and energy. Our auras are a manifestation of that.

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