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Clairaudience is one of the major types of psychic abilities that someone can have.  Clairaudience is known as clear hearing and this is one way that people that are psychic are able to get information from the universe.  This is a wonderful gift to have.

Clairaudient messages can come from a higher being and can come from the spiritual guides.  The spiritual guides can be guides from the universe and even angels.  These messages can be sounds that the person hears including music and sounds.

Mediums and psychics that have clairaudience will get information via things that they hear.

What is Clairaudience Like?

Clairaudience is like having messages come inside of your mind.  This is a way that people with this gift communicate with other people and with the spiritual world.  This can be considered telepathic hearing or communicating that happens just in their mind.

Sometimes the messages that come through can be very subtle and it can be hard for people that have not developed this gift yet to understand what is happening to them.  This communication will get stronger as the gifts get better.

The sounds might sound like someone that is reading to themselves.  They might also hear things in their own voice or even in the sounds of music.

Clairaudience can be something that happens externally such as a message that the spirit guides want to give to help them to be safe.

When a spirit guide is talking to clairaudient people, they sometimes are fearful because it is different for them.  Once they get used to the gift though, learn to be able to tell the difference between physical voices and the spiritual voices that they are hearing.

If you have had this type of gift, you might already be hearing voices inside of your mind and you can practice increasing this gift and learn to make this ability stronger.  Sometimes, you might even hear names, or you might be impressed with a thought in your mind.  It takes a while for someone to be a master of this gift.

Developing the Gift of Clairaudience

There are some easy ways that a person can increase their gifts of psychic hearing.  By taking time to practice, you will increase your gift.  One thing to remember is that you need to be patient because things do not happen overnight.

It is important to remember that hearing does not mean that you hear with your ears but that you are hearing with your mind and your spirit.


Listening is one of the most important things that a clairaudient can practice.  Take time to hear things around you.  Close your eyes and listen and tune into the sounds.  Listen for things that you are not used to hearing and learn to know the difference between the sounds.

Listen for outside noises.  Can you hear a bird chirping or trees blowing?  Once you learn to distinguish between these sounds, you can stretch your mind and listen for smaller things that are around you that you are hearing.  Keep practicing this every day.

Classical Music

Classical music can open up your mind to the spirit realm because it is all instrumental music.  Doing this can help you to be comfortable and to focus on one instrument at a time.  Once you learn to focus, you can change through the different instruments and sounds.  If you are having a hard time with this, close your eyes and breath deeply.  Relax and try again.


Try to imagine the sounds that you want to hear.  Imagine that you are using your mind to hear things.  Pretend that you are hearing a cat meow, a guitar playing or a baby laughing.,  Imagine different things and keep practicing this until it is easy for you to imagine these things.


Meditation is very important to increasing any psychic ability, especially clairaudient gifts.  You need to take time to let your mind rest and time to declutter what is happening in your life.  By meditating, you have to take time to rest, breathe and ask the spirit guides to help you.

Your spirit guides want to see you succeed and they want to be able to give you information.  As you are doing this, pay attention to see if you have a song come to mind or something that you are not normally thinking about.  Write this down in your journal so you can always keep up with new signs that you might get.  You will learn to distinguish these from other things.

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