Jan 132021
Finding the Meaning of Light and Love

Have you ever been curious about the concept of light and love? This is a New Age phrase that people often use and sometimes people use this without even knowing what it means.

Saying light and love is not just a phrase that you leave with, but it is a powerful set of words that has a real meaning and when you can learn what they mean, you can use them to make your life even better.

Love and Light Power

Using the words love and light can be powerful. Even if you don’t know it, using these words can change your life, just like chanting. When you use the “ohm” chant, it is a tradition that people use when they are meditating.

The sounds that people make can cause them to be more powerful than they realize, and this is why many different religions have used saying during prayers and sayings.

Even though you can just repeat words, you need to know how powerful they are and how powerful certain phrases are.

The energy of some words is strong that everyone can feel, and this doesn’t have to do with a higher power, but it has to do with changing your mindset and your thinking.

Love and Light Words

When you say the phrase “love and light” this is a phrase that is different than other phrases. This allows you to look at things with energy and with kindness. If someone comes to you and asks you to send them light and love, they are needing your help.

You have the power inside to give them this help and when you recite certain things and when you use your intuition, you can raise your vibrational frequency and help others.

What is Love

Love is something that might take a while to answer but the truth about love is that it isn’t just an emotion, but it is a certain energy that we give to others.

Even if we are not talking about energy, when we love someone, we send energy to them. If you think about how powerful and destructive hate is, you have to understand that love is the complete opposite.

When someone refuses to let others in, they are full of hate and they create boundaries in their emotions to stop others from loving them.

Love is different and it encourages people to be creative and passionate. Love drives people to be better and it helps them to want to be good.

When we love someone, we increase our energy and light is the same way.

What is Light

Light is another word that is not just a word, but it is also an energy. We can see light and we know that it is full of photons, but do you know that light is energy?

When you talk about different kinds of energy and vibrations, you see that you are talking about real light. Light is something that happens depending on what we do and how we act.

When you think about light and transmitting it to others, you also have to think about how you consume it. When you love someone or you share your light, it is a bright light. This can be wisdom, or it can be something more.

You transfer your energy, and it can move faster than you expect it to be able to. It moves faster than you can even see.

Meaning of Love and Light

Now that you understand the meaning of both love and light, you can put the two together and see that they are much more than a phrase.

When you tell someone that you will send them love and light, you are telling them that you are supporting them and that you are sending them good energy. You are letting them know that they can take the energy and grow with it.

Love and light are more than just words it has a real meaning. When you speak positively to others, you are drawing on the positive energy of the earth. You can take this energy and you can give it to others.

If you or someone that you know is facing something hard, do what you can and send them some light and love in their life.

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