Dec 192020
Discovering Your Soul Purpose

We all have a gift that we are meant to share with the world, but we must first discover it. Maybe you have noticed the nudges or curiosity about what your soul purpose could be. You may be searching for what you truly desire and what your inherent purpose is in this life. We all have an inherent purpose and gift and the gifts never forget us. In yogic wisdom, the word swardharma refers to a higher purpose. This is the source of your greatest Ananda, which is your deepest bliss. Your purpose will not feel difficult, but bring profound pleasure when you are living in it.

The traditional style of work seems like a job, nothing more, and you may be exhausted after doing it. When grounded from your swabhav it will feel as if you are plugged in and energized by what we are doing. Stepping into your soul purpose has challenges and involves courage, work, and intuition, but you will become unstoppable once living in inherent alignment and truth. Below are a few simple steps for discovering your soul purpose.

What you have been through so far on your soul journey is no accident. Your soul consciousness chooses what happens so you can reach your higher purpose. You can start by exploring the knowledge and skills you have already gained through training, experience, and education. There is a specific purpose for all that happens and these subtle clues are the building blocks of who you are and your purpose. This could include anything from music, to rational thinking, financial expertise, compassion, and confidence. Our gifts are shaped from the innate, not directly from life experience, though it does offer some shaping. We each have something that naturally flows from within with little effort. This is our gift.

Think about what you would choose if you had all the support, inspiration, and money you needed. Where would you be if your current duties disappeared and you could choose anything for your current life? The answers are found deep within. Now, look to the outer world and see what is needed at this time. The desires you hold deep within to make a difference in the world is your soul purpose.

Higher Self

Our higher self is not some separate entity, but a part of us. It is an awakened aspect of ourselves. When we connect to our higher self, the deepest truth and wisdom is accessed. There is no room for jealousy, prejudice, or judgment in the higher self. It is loving, compassionate, and wise. The higher self is always available to align with, but we must build a relationship with it. When we learn to practice the “Higher Self Dialogue”, we can navigate our personal higher purpose through a combination of automatic writing, deep meditation, and inner child work. This has three basic steps.

  • Opening the heart to embody the inner child
  • Opening the mind to the higher self
  • Integrating and accepting the personal myth and power symbol

These are described and explained below.

Opening Your Heart

Start by creating a sacred space to open your heart. Find a quiet, comfortable place, smudging it if needed with sage. Light some candles or play some solfeggio frequencies type music to create a space that feels as relaxed as possible. Then, close your eyes and focus on breathing for a few minutes. Bring to mind your inner child self at around the age of 5-6 years. Try to recall the first time you felt insecurity, judgment, fear, or loss. Visualize your inner child standing in front of you, staring back. Take time to honor them in all their emotions. Gently hold and place your hands over your inner child and offer a loving embrace. Now, visualize a protective white light surrounding you both. Send a deep lovingkindness to your inner child and offer an affirmation.

Visualize the deepest harmonies energy from both the child and adult self. Breathe deeply and reconcile the childlike playfulness that was likely been forgotten as you tap into the creative source of adventure and play. The inner child is here to remind you this part of yourself is always accessible. Ask your inner child if they have wisdom to share and really listen to the answer. As you are integrated, take a piece of paper, and draw a higher purpose diagram. All the insight to flow fluidly without expectation or judgment. Articulate the key question of what your higher purpose is in your life.

Opening the Mind

Once the key question has been clearly articulated, it is time to connect to the higher self. Visualize a beam of white light coming through you and feel the supportive energy all around as you call upon this wisdom. This higher consciousness brings wisdom, love, truth, compassion, and clarity. Visualize you as the higher self. Now, visualize a stream of consciousness channel through as you let it move to the ego-self. Allow yourself to be an open container that is non-judgmental. Communicate with the higher self. As you tap into this stream of consciousness, sit down with blank paper, and begin automatic writing. Write whatever comes to mind as your intuition unfolds.

Integrating and Accepting

Lie down somewhere comfortable for this visualization. Start by closing your eyes and relaxing your body. Imagine walking in a forest with perfect blue skies and the sounds of birds all around. As you hear a river flowing, visualize the scents of the forest. Follow a nature trail into the forest and notice how the foliage gets darker and dense. Feel safe and supported as you keep walking. You will sense something magical and powerful waiting. You will be excited and filled with joy. As the sunlight surrounds you, notice a large mirror just ahead, covered with a thin white veil. Take a deep breath and remove this veil. Gaze into the mirror, you are looking at your truest self. As you look, see something approaching you. This is your unique symbol of power. Take a moment to explore the symbol. As it calls to you, acknowledge and receive it. As you reach out and hold it, your body will light up because this is uniquely you. Pay attention to all its aspects. Spend time with it and when ready, come out of the meditation. Using a black piece of paper and pen, create the symbol as you remember it looking. Embody the object. Reflect on the way you can incorporate this power and presence into your life each day.

After completing the soul purpose journey, explore what came out with intuitive story telling. Tell the story in third person and draw inspiration through earlier intuition practices and try answering the following:

  • Who is s/he?
  • What unique powers exist?
  • Where is s/he going?
  • What higher purpose energizes them?
  • What is in the way?
  • Are their obstacles to overcome?
  • How will s/he get there?
  • What resources can be drawn from?

Answers Within

All the answers we seek are already within, but we spend so much time ignoring our soul purpose we miss them. All the wisdom and guidance already exist, but we must trust ourselves to tap into it. Once in touch with your unique gifts and higher purpose and self, realize you are here to help the world and others. By sharing your gifts, others will find their spark. Each of us have a higher purpose on earth, but we must discover it and share it.

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