Apr 142022
A Cosmic Connection and How it Affects You

People often believe that there is a higher power that controls their life and that everything happens for a purpose. This causes people to look at life differently and to try to build more relationships on the earth so that they can continue to live their best life.

Some people come in our lives that make our lives better, but some will come, and they will cause us to feel crazy. Some will break our hearts, and some will show us that we have a real purpose and that we are meant to help others to heal and to become better people.

Even if you don’t feel like it now, chances are that you will meet someone that you are destined to meet. The world says that accidents happen but if you believe in cosmic connections then you know that you will never meet someone accidently. Once you are more aware of your relationships you will see how your life is changing and growing constantly.

Cosmic Connections

Cosmic connections are things that happen when the universe sets you up to meet someone. This can be something that we don’t understand, and this is how we often meet people. There is a good thing that happens when there is a cosmic connection, and it can be very powerful.

Cosmic means the universe and so a connection that is a cosmic connection means a universal connection. As you work through the universe you will meet other souls that are meant to be around you and you may even meet your soulmate.

Many people believe that nothing happens by accident, and this means that every decision you make is on purpose and even running into someone new is not an accident. There are reasons behind everything. Your life is there in front of you and there are cosmic connections all along the way.

Real Relationships

There will be people that you meet on all parts of your life journey, and they all have a purpose. The universe knows that you have a reason to meet someone rather you know it or not.

Everyone develops different cosmic relationships and not all of them will last forever but some can be very fast. They will still be a part of your forever journey and will change your life along the way even if they don’t last.

Sometimes these connections can be toxic, and they can be bad relationships that break your heart and change you and show you that you can change and grow. Some will be good, and some will be bad.

Reasons You Meet Other People

If you have met someone that hurt you and broke your heart, chances are that you went through this so that you would make better decisions in your life. Someone that you met on the streets, and they were kind to you showed you that you can meet people that are good in the world.

Some people can come and be there and be like a sweet flower and others can leave a sour taste in your mouth. There are different reasons that you meet people even if you don’t always understand it.

Life Purpose

Some people you will meet will help you to see who you are and what you need to do in your life. They will help you to see your real purpose.  The connection hat you have will show you that you have a calling and will show you that you can get inside of this calling and find out who you really are.

Sometimes these people can even be your cosmic soulmates. They will be in your life forever.


There are other people that will come to your life to inspire you to do better. They will make you want to be the best you can be and will inspire you to change.

These kinds of connections can come at different times in your life, and they will show you that you can reach the impossible.

To Teach You

Some people will come in your life so that you can learn lessons along the way. They will give you attention and point out who you are meant to be. They will show you that you can have confidence in who you are and that you can be courageous. They will help you to get rid of doubt.

As you meet these people, they will help you to grow and realize that you can make a big difference in this world.

Who You Are

There are some connections that will come across your path to show you who you are.  They will show you that you have a lot to offer this world and even when you have to deal with hard things, you can make it through them and come out even better.

They show you that you can be your real self and that you can rediscover who you are. They can even show you that you are more than the bad things that have happened to you.

Those Who Give You Power

Some people can come in your life not to be partners but to help you connect with them. They can help you to feel strong and to feel that you have power. They can be people such as friends, your parents or someone in your life that has helped you to see that you have a real destiny.

This can be someone from your childhood that came to encourage you and help you to see that you were not here by accident.

Hurting You

Even though some relationships are good, there are some that you can meet that are there to hurt you. They help you to find out who you are. They show you love and make you feel perfect and then when you least expect it, they leave you and leave you feeling broken. They are there to teach you a different lessons.

Do not let someone walk over you because you will see that you are strong, and you deserve to be treated right.

Make You Stirred Up

Some of the biggest connections in your life can turn your life upside down and make you look deeper at the choices you are making. They can change your life and shake up your world.

They will show you how the world is not always fair and help you to see what kind of morals and values that you have. They will show you how great life really is.

People Who Leave You

Then, you have those in your life that are only meant to be there for a time. They will come into your life, and they will be what you need but they will eventually leave you.

This could be a romance, or a friend and it could even be a toxic relationship that you have had. You will see that it is hard to break free from this sometimes and once you see that you have to let them go, do it so that you can learn your lesson and move on.

Forever People

Some cosmic connections are going to be your forever people. They are there forever, it seems, and they never leave you. No matter what happens, they are there, and they are your twin flame connection. They will make you feel that you have found your forever home and they will cause you to feel loved and cared for.

Every connection that you have will come to you for a purpose. These can be good or bad situations and you cannot change them. As you go through these things, learn to find out more about yourself and take your journey inside to find out who you are and to be the best you can be.

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