May 102022
Raising Your Higher Level of Consciousness

You have the power to go beyond your mind and to understand your consciousness. Sometimes people talk about different stages such as:

  • How to treat others.
  • How people are connected to each other.
  • How you look at time.
  • How you think.
  • How to change your thinking.

These different stages can help you to find new ideas and help you to change how you think and how you feel.

You can learn to change how you think and to take steps to understand yourself more.

Thinking Always

You will never reach a higher consciousness if you are always thinking about things. You have to learn to stop thinking so much and overthinking everything in your life. When you do this, it causes your mind to get out of balance.

You need to take a break from thinking of things and learn to calm down.

Mind Fiction

You can look at the brain and learn to rewrite it. You can change the way that your mind questions things and learn to stop doing that. Look at things in the mind and learn to reach a higher level.

Higher Level of Consciousness

You will be free when you realize that you can be a thinker but stop overthinking things. You can take small ideas and you can learn lessons about them.

Learn to sit down and figure out what you are doing and not to make a mess out of things in your mind. Learn to be peaceful in your thoughts.

Past Thinking

Once you realize that there are things beyond thinking, you can see that what matters in life is joy and peace and being loved.

You will see that you can be creative and that you will understand things more than you realize. Asking questions about life is important but you need to look and focus more on love and on where you are now.

Learn to go past your mind and what is normal and don’t be trapped into overthinking everything.

New Thoughts

Learn to be aware of what you are thinking and change how you see things. Look at how you are thinking and see what is holding you back.

Do you have thoughts that lie to you? These come from experiences that you have tried to make sense of and things that you have witnessed. Stop judging and learn to just listen.

Reidentify Your Mind

Each time you start thinking of something, figure out what you are thinking of. Take a longer time to process your thoughts and to see how it affects yourself.

Thoughts always are flowing, and they need to be interrupted sometimes. When you create a place in your thinking it can take you to a higher place.

The spaces can make you calm down and realize that you are overthinking and need to separate from your mind.

What Higher Consciousness is Like

This is aw ay that you can learn to have peace. What is the point of this? This is to give you peace in your life and to take away your stress.


Most people spend all of their energy thinking and this can be hurtful to who they are.

Here are some things you can do when you reach your higher conscious level and start thinking of good things instead:

  • Eat healthier.
  • Workout more.
  • Spend time with those that you love.
  • Do things you love to do.
  • Get fixed.

When you are tired and you have to deal with things, this is the problem that is the small problem. You have to learn to have peace and to be kind. Get rid of thoughts that are holding you back and taking up your energy.

Stop getting stuck and use your thoughts for good.

Thinking in Small Times

The mind is not without thought and you need to make sure that you are letting yourself reach somewhere with your thinking.

Have the power of letting things go and change things in your life.

No Mind

No mind is when you stop letting your mind be in control and you find peace. This is a lesson that you can learn and when you do you will have peace. When your mind is always thinking of things, it will make you feel bad and out of control.

Learn to write down what you are thinking and then remove the negative things from your thoughts.


Learn to be aware of the space in your mind. Have your conscious mind to be stronger. Listen to what is between your thoughts and write it down.

Find a space where you can feel and where you can empty your mind. This is a space outside of yourself and it shows you how small you are and how far your mind and thinking can go.

Dangerous Thinking

Be aware of the dangerous things that come to your mind. This is not freedom, and this is things that you need to disengage from.

Do not let yourself be harmed and do not allow your ego to take control of you. If you feel in a dangerous place, do something different.


Don’t let your ego take control of you and let your ego influence you very little. Disconnect from what is no longer good for you and let it go beyond your mind.

As your ego gets smaller, you will be stronger, and you will see that you cannot let the darkness in.


Your emotions will be stronger when you dwell on unhealthy thinking. You need to let this energy out and learn to not let it be so powerful in your life.

Do not think of things that give them power and take up space in your mind. Let your life become a pattern and learn to think of things that are good.

Remember that failure is something that everyone faces, and that rejection means that you are being guided somewhere else.


The mind is part of your problem and when you have a problem, this idea can come to your mind. It can take your thoughts and give you unhealthy answers and make you not open up like you need to.

Love and Joy

Find love and joy in your thinking and let this help you to have peace. Love that comes to you is meant to be there and going beyond the mind will help you to find the love that you need.


The more that you look at your mind the more you will suffer. You have to let go of the ego and escape from it. Here is how:

  • Give other people credit.
  • Stop competing with everyone.
  • Be nicer.
  • Know that you don’t know everything.
  • Stop always defending yourself.

Knowing how to do this will help you to understand the ego more and help you to do what is right in the moment.


Learn to be creative and let your mind go wild. Your mind will play games, but you have to learn to be able to know the difference between what is true and what isn’t.

Stop Creating Time

Do not create pain for yourself anymore. Learn to let go of things that come to your mind that hurt you. Let go of the past and stop letting your imagination hold you there.

When you have things that you need, focus on those things, and go to a place where you have never been.

Focus on Now

Learn to focus on who you are now and what you want. Do not spend time in the past or the future but in the now.

Pain is Not Always Real

Remember that pain is not always real and sometimes it is a thought. Learn to get rid of it by not being someone else and by stop pretending to be someone you aren’t. Have the power inside of you to be the best you can be.

Living in Fear

Some people live in fear, and they are using that as a way to live their life. Stop being afraid of everything and be the best you can be.

Face your fear and if you have been rejected or you are worried about where you are going, step back and don’t let this take up your mind.

Being Complete

Stop trying to complete yourself and be happy with who you are and what you have. Allow yourself to get what you want and need. Don’t let trouble cloud your judgement.

If you are after money, success, or love, find out why. What will you do if you get it? How will it make you better?

Your life can be helpful by helping others and you can never have enough money or success. Go after things that make you feel good like love and relationships. Look beyond your thinking.

Be Present

Learn to be in the now and to pay attention to what you need now. Show mercy to yourself and grace. Learn to be in control when you can and let go of it when you cannot. Do not let the past identify you or hold you back.


Make sure that you are reacting in a positive way. Notice your reaction to situations and see if they need to change.

When you see your reactions, you learn how your thinking is going.

Too Much Time

Be in the now and stay there. Don’t try to go back to the past because you cannot, and you never know if you will see the future. Let go of wanting the future and get rid of the stress it gives you.


We all have things that we go through, but we don’t have to make problems out of them. Learn to enjoy life and use your energy for good.

Your Mind Can Do Things Now

Let your mind be free and stop carrying the burden of what could have been. The mind is there to distract you to be better and to help you to do what you need to do right now.


We all face challenges, and we have to figure out how to work through them. Even if you are dealing with things, learn to face them and to think through them.

Talk about what is going on with you and figure out where you are at in your thinking. Notice what is in your mind.


Learn to start living and stop trying to just exist. Learn to be yourself and to love who you are. You deserve the best in your life.

Being present can help you to get the best and it can help you to understand who you are. When you let your mind go, you will be able to see when things are not real and when they are.

You will be able to use your mind to be aware of what is going on inside of you.

Take time each night before you go to sleep and let yourself have some free mind time. Think on things that you want to give attention to and then let them go. This can help you sleep better.

Free Mind

Allow your mind to be free and know that you cannot solve all of your problems fast. Learn to accept things that you cannot change and see what happens. Even if the problem is big, it is small compared to everything else.

Get rid of the drama in your life and things that are no longer necessary for you. Things are not always right or wrong but there are things that can hurt you or make you better.

Present Now

Be present in the now and let go of things that don’t help you. Let go of your problems and move forward.

Before You Die

Before you die make sure that you are able to have a peaceful life. Slow down and let your mind and boy relax. Live a life like you are only going to have today and have fun and learn to understand who you are and what you want.

Have peace with yourself and you’re thinking. When your mind stops letting everything be an emergency, you can learn to let the power take over and you can become courageous and strong.


Now that you can understand how to reach a higher level of consciousness, embrace it, and see the ego for what it is. Look beyond the past and the future and live in the now

Allow your journey to take you to new places and to figure out what makes you have peace and happiness. You were born to live a great life, now do it.

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