August 9, 2022
Why Are You Not Losing Weight?

Are you always on a diet and no matter what size you get down to you feel fat? Are you one of those people that have tried every weight loss plan and you realized you were unsuccessful, and you failed to lose the weight and maybe even gained some weight?

You are not the only person that this happens to. The problem is that you are in a cycle of unhealthy negativity that will never allow you to get better until you figure out what the root cause of this is. Even if you lose weight, chances are you will gain it all back again.

Diet and exercise will not make you lose weight and you need to heal your chakras and your energy so that you can be healed from the inside to the outside.

Not Your Fault

Losing weight can be a hard thing to talk about. If you are a spiritual leader, chances are you have seen many people struggle with weight loss for their whole existence. The way that the celebrity world has created an unrealistic idea of the body image, some people will never reach their goal to lose the weight that they need, and they will always struggle.

These people have put in a lot of effort and found that they are not able to lose the weight that they need.

It might be hard for you to lose weight. Maybe you exercise and you eat less calories and eat healthy and still cannot seem to get where you want to. This can be so overwhelming and frustrating in your life. This can cause you to feel that you are not trying enough and make the world think that you would be thin if you tried harder.

Commercials will also make you feel that losing weight is your own fault and some people will learn to give up and never understand why they cannot get rid of weight.

The truth is your chakras can be the cause that you are holding on to weight gain.

Second Charka

When you have extra weight, it can mean that your chakras are unbalanced or blocked, especially the second chakra. The chakras are the energy center of your body and this is where all of your health and healing come from. When your chakras are blocked, they need balanced so that you can be healthy and strong.

The second chakra is located under the belly button and it is where your sexuality lies and your creativity. This can also be a place where you have strong emotions and where you seek pleasure. You might get stuck seeking pleasure because of past emotional trauma or problems in your life.

If your chakra is unbalanced, it can cause you to be addicted to things. This happens because you choose to ignore the bad things in your life, and you let the pain in your life take over and control you. This can lead to food addiction and make you gain weight.

People that have been abused often have closed off their second chakra. This can cause them to go up and down in weight and to be addicted to food and other things.

Some people will feel better when they are heavy because they are afraid if they lose weight that they will be too attractive, and it will make people be sexually addicted to them. If you have these symptoms of wanting to cover yourself and worrying about looking too good, chances are you have a negative emotion in your sacral chakra, and you need to get it healed.


You can exercise and eat healthy, but you also need to balance your sacral chakra. This can help you to be successful in your weight loss. Here are some ways you can heal your Sacral Chakra.


Find things that you love to do that do not always include food. Do something that makes you have fun like yoga or meditating. This can help you to balance your life and to lose weight. You have to have some kind of balance.

Eat good food choices and find ways to make your healthy food taste better. It will be hard to stick to a diet but find recipes that make you feel good and then allow yourself a treat here and there.


Take time in water. The sacral chakra is part of the water element and so go for a swim or take sea salt baths. This can help the water to go into your skin and into your soul and cleanse you and wash away our guilt and shame.


Write down what you are doing and what you are successful at. If you fail at one thing, write it down and encourage yourself with new ideas. Release your body and your soul from your chakras and journal your feelings each night before you lay down to sleep.

When you wake up in the morning, write down what you are feeling. Your weight problem probably has a lot to do with the relationship you have with food. Write down what you feel about food and why. Write down habits you had growing up such as eating potato chips in front of the television.

Be aware of the habits that are causing you to lose your weight loss battle.

Knowing your chakras can help you to become better and to lose weight. We all need to be healthy and keeping your chakras balanced can help you to be strong in your mind, body, and soul.

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