August 9, 2022
10 Signs You Have Spiritual Gifts

Having strong intuition means that you are gifted with a psychic gift. This can be something like a sixth sense and is something that can cause people to see you as an old soul or a gift that could have been passed down from your ancestors.

Some people will have different sensations or feelings when they go through these feelings and this can be supernatural. There can be intervention that other people experience but how do you know if you are really spiritually gifted?

If you think that you have gifts that are different to the world, be open minded and allow channeling to flow through you. Learn to accept who you are and what gifts you have in your life.

Signs of Spiritual Gifts

Maybe you have strong intuition, and you are dealing with things in the spiritual world. Here are some ways that you can know if you have spiritual gifts:


Some people have visions and others call this daydreaming. Daydreaming can happen when you are awake. If something just comes into your mind, this can scare you but know that this is the way that the universe wants to communicate with you. If you allow your visual field to be open, you can know when danger is coming or when things are about to go wrong.

Your spirit guide will use this gift to communicate with you and tell you when you should or shouldn’t do something. You might be scared when you see something but know that these visions are there to help you make good decisions and to stay out of dangerous situations.


People that have strong spiritual gifts often have vivid dreams. They will dream things that seem very real. This happens because when you are asleep, your spirit guides will communicate with you.

If you have this happening, embrace your dreams, and write them down so you do not forget them, and you can find out the meaning.


The hours between 3 and 4 AM are spiritual hours and if you find that you are awake during these hours after sleeping, it might be your guides trying to connect with you.

Maybe you thought it was because your bladder, but the truth could be that the spirit world is trying to teach you something and allow you to get important information.


You have probably heard about things such as things happening in 3’s and the truth is, synchronicity is a little different and goes beyond the physical world.

If you have had visions or dreams, it could be the spirit world reaching out to you but if you find that you are constantly running into the same person or you feel that life is showing you coincidences, pay attention.

You might be experiencing this so that you can help someone to connect. Connect with them and see.


Do you hear voices or things happening around you when no one is around? Do you have answers before you even ask questions? This could be that your guides are trying to talk to you.

If things come into your mind for no reason, listen to what they are saying and be receptive to this communication.


You might find that your emotions are often changing and fast. This could mean that you are picking up the emotions of people around you.

You can consider this a gift of the spirit world because you are able to feel and pick up the energy of things around you.

Night Terrors

Do you have nightmares or night terrors that scare you or keep you awake? Do they make you fearful even though you know that they are not real?

Some people are more sensitive to the spiritual world than others and if you are having these dreams, they are beyond normal and it is another way that your guides communicate with you.

Remember that the dreams cannot hurt you so do not be afraid.


Do you find that you have tingling in your head or that your hair on your arms stands up when you go certain places?

These sensations can be that you are being communicated with or your guides want you to know they are there.

Pressure Between the Eyebrows

Do you feel pressure between your eyebrows? If you experience this a lot, chances are that your third eye is opening.

You can do different spiritual exercises and meditate to open and close your third eye. This is a way that you can understand your gifting more and you can use your gifts.


People that have discernment can tell things about someone without any information. They can also tell when a place is evil or not good. This can be different than feeling a presence and can give you a chill or even make you uneasy.

When you grow in your gifts you will see that you can channel your spiritual energy int the spirit world and be stronger.

Make sure that you get a lot of rest and that you ground yourself and stay safe. If you feel that you are intuitive or have other gifts, embrace them, and see what they will do for you.

Use your abilities as much as you can so that you can become stronger and that you can reach who you are meant to be.

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