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Preparing Yourself for a Psychic Reading

All types of people seek psychic readings as a tool to help in their daily lives, but some hide this fact to avoid the stigma attached to the idea of paranormal beliefs. Psychics also come from all walks of life. Some may be the hippie type, but others are teachers, drivers, or even your next door neighbors that you did not even know believed in such things. When people walk into a psychic reading, they come with misconceptions about both the practice and the people who are psychics. If this sounds familiar, then how prepared ate you for a psychic reading?

What is a Psychic Reading?

A psychic reading is an interaction between a psychic and client that tunes into energy fields to find answers and clarity through intuitive means with little or no information in advance. Psychics use a variety of skills and tools to aid in their session, but the client’s role is to be open and receptive so this tuning in can occur. Some people believe psychic readings are about predictions, but this is inaccurate. Psychic readings are usually about gaining confirmation and clarity about something you already believe true, but need validation.

Psychic Reading Formats

Psychic readings can take on different formats as explained below.

  • In-person – This is the traditional reading format as clients receive insights while sitting across from a psychic at a table either in private or public.
  • Phone – Psychic readings evolved into phone formats in the 70s and are still the most common form today. Ina phone reading, clients and psychics speak over the phone.
  • Video – With technology, psychic readings have evolved into video readings through platforms like Skype or Zoom. The client and psychic can see one another and it feels more intimate like an in-person meeting.
  • Chat – Chat readings are more modern, versatile, and private and is perfect for those that communicate better through text.
  • Text – This budget friendly option is a modernization of psychic readings which allow for quick questions to be posed and answered.
  • Email – Email readings allow for privacy and depth at a budget friendly price. These are ideal for those who have limited time, but want in-depth services.
  • Message – These are extremely private readings, but in-depth and budget friendly, but held on an account on a site.

Types of Psychics

Just as there are different types of readings, there are different types of psychics as described below.

  • Clairvoyant – Psychics who have the ability to see images through their mind’s eye; the most common form of psychic ability
  • Clairaudient – Psychics who have the ability to detect messages from the spirits that are beyond normal hearing ranges
  • Clairsentient – Psychics with the ability to sense feelings around an area or from within a person
  • Claircognizant – Psychics who have a clear knowing without voices or images through receiving direct insight that comes into their mind
  • Mediums – Psychics who speak directly to the spiritual and angelic realms for the purpose of reaching those who have passed on or were never in this realm
  • Empaths – Psychics who are highly sensitive and can sense the range of emotions of others
  • Channelers – Psychics who allow specific spiritual beings to communicate through their mind and body to relay messages; usually involves deep spiritual relationships between channeler and the spiritual entity
  • Tarot Card Readers – A Psychic who uses a tarot card deck to assist in reading for a client to choose a specific spread
  • Energy Healers – May be a psychic or medium, but helps a client release negative energies that have attached

Any psychic you work with should greet and treat you with respect from the first moment of meeting. Even if you are nervous, they should be able to hold your space and theirs as the focus solely focuses on you, your needs, and your questions.

Reading Styles

Now that you understand that there are different types of psychics and ways to receive a reading, let’s look into reading types.

  • Spiritual – The spiritual style will work with you on issues regarding twin flames, soulmates, and karmic relationships as they work with spirit guides or angel guide. Most work with past life issues as well.
  • Blunt and Direct – Psychics with this style are typically fast as readers and get to it immediately. They sugar coat nothing, so be prepared to hear what you may not want to or choose another style.
  • Conversational – Psychics with this style are more friendly and like to connect to clients. They are great at speaking with clients who are looking for spiritual guidance and manifesting creative problem-solving strategies over predictions.
  • Compassionate – Psychics of this style offer support and encouragement as they help clients reflect upon their lives in a non-judgmental space, especially during emotionally charged times.

Some psychics use divination tools no matter their style of reading. These may include tarot cards, angel cards, runes, astrology, charts, automatic writing, and others.

Preparing for a Reading

Though you should go with specific questions in mind, there are other ways to prepare for your psychics reading. These are shared below.

  • Do Your Research – Research your psychic by reading past reviews from clients and reviewing tools they use
  • Clear Your Mind – Meditate prior to going to a reading to clear your mind and prepare mentally.
  • Specific Questions – It is always a best practice to write out questions before hand so you can receive the information you want.
  • Set Achievable Goals – During the reading and afterward, consider the goals and steps are achievable and which are wishful thinking by being honest with yourself.
  • Be Open to Guidance – Some things will be hard to believe or you will receive guidance that upsets you, but do not fight it, sit with it before jumping to a decision.
  • Let Go of the Outcome – Do not enter a reading with a preconceived outcome or the reading will not be accurate. Be open to what happens.

After your psychic reading you may need some down time, alone, afterward. In the 24 hours following, you should expect energy shifts, feeling drained, moodiness, sleeplessness, and even unsettling dreams. This is because psychic readings can be intense.

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