Sep 122021
Finding Your True Love

It has been said that there are three types of love to cherish. These include the first love or puppy love; great love that sweeps you off your feet; and true love that makes the heart feel like it is home even if not as enchanting ot romantic as the first two mentioned. True love is the one that everyone needs because it is reassuring, secure, and above all, unconditional. If this is true, then how is true love found? The list below will help you know and understand.

  • Prayer – Many believe God is the writer of love stories and will offer guidance if we ask. Pray to Him for wisdom in finding a true love.
  • Prepare – If you want to end up with the best person, you need to be the best you possible at the time. Strive to be the best version of yourself to make yourself attractive to a potential true love. They will be searching for the best as well.
  • Make Yourself Attractive – Attraction happens before romance, so make yourself as presentable as possible to attract true love. Look and smell clean, accentuate your assets, and then improve or embrace your flaws instead of hiding them.
  • Decide What You Want – It may feel odd, but write out a list of traits you want in your true love. Keep in mind that no one will likely check every box, but having standards helps you learn from past partners and assess new ones.
  • Enlarge Your Circle – If you are constantly meeting new people, you are more likely to meet your true love. Be as sociable as possible by attending parties, hanging out with friends, and join organizations to keep you active.
  • Right Company – To meet the right person, be in the right place with the right kind of people. Choose your circle of friends wisely and be in an environment that the kind of person you want would be part of in life.
  • Stop Basing Standards on Fiction – True love in real life is not like in the movies or novels. Do not base your expectations and choices on these over-aggrandized ideas.
  • Do Not Focus on the Physical – Pure love is unconditional, not based on physical appearance. A beautiful face and body are just a bonus because personality, values, and character should be the primary concern.
  • Complementary Personality – A partner’s personality should match yours well so you both end up balanced.
  • Similar Priorities – If a couple does not share the majority of priorities, then big problems may arise.
  • Respect – It is wonderful when a person can make you laugh and smile, but search for someone who respects you and others. This can help both people feel secure.
  • Consider Judgment of Your Friends and Family – Introduce the person to your family and friends to see how they feel about him or her. When in love, we can miss red flags, so get opinions from those that love you most.
  • Meet Their Family and Friends – This allows you to see the person in their natural habitat, so meet their family and friends. Observe how they treat others they are close to and assess what this means for your relationship.
  • Time Tested – Time tests love, especially once you move past the attraction period. If your relationship survives after things have become monotonous, then it is likely true love.
  • No Emotional Clouding – You are not always thinking straight when in love. True love goes beyond feelings so do not make a decision based only on feelings. Take in all the factors before making a long-term decision.

These tips will help increase your chances of finding the right person, but no formula creates true love. Try not to focus too much on finding your true love. Instead focus on yourself while waiting for it to arrive.

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