August 10, 2022
Penguin Sightings

Penguins are cute and odd creatures that waddle and walk in ways that make them look like they are dressed up with no where to go. Their tuxedo like “clothes” help the penguin look very different and the fact that they do not fly makes them different all together.

There are eighteen different kinds of penguins and they come from different places such as Antarctica to the Galapagos Islands. This might make you wonder where or how you would ever see a penguin, especially if you are from the northern hemisphere, but a sighting doesn’t just mean that you see them in person, you can see them in pictures, on television or even in your dreams.

Symbols of Penguins

Penguins are strong and flexible creatures. They can focus on what they need to do and if a problem comes, they know how to fix it and make things better. Penguins take things in stride and when things are hard, they work through it until they solve it.

Penguins can mean faith and devotion to others. They will pick one mate and say with that penguin for the rest of their life. The way that they live can often be hard and dangerous and some of the conditions and weather that they face is brutal.

When a penguin mates with another and it fails to return to them, the penguin will become a widow. They will then go and find another mate and since they are very sociable, they are not often single. Even though they face hard weather almost every day, they will cuddle up with their partner and their friends and stay safe and warm.

Penguins live in large groups and sometimes the group can even go up to a thousand penguins. They are peaceful with each other, and they believe in peace and unity within their colonies.

Good and Bad Sides

Penguin parents will both take on the time to raise their young. They will start when the baby is just an egg, and they will each take turns laying on the egg and making sure that the egg is never alone. They will always focus on their young and make sure that they are fed, safe and warm.

While one penguin is protecting the nest, the other will go out and find food for them. When the one seeking food returns, they will cuddle together and then switch roles and one will go and find food and the other will stay with the young. Their biggest goal is to make sure that the family survives.

Being a parent is important to the penguin family and when the chick doesn’t make it or if the female penguin is unable to have babies, the parent feelings stay strong and sometimes the penguins will take the chick of others penguins to have their own child. The mother will do its best to bond with the chick that they took but it will only last a couple of weeks and then the chick will go back to its own mother.

Some adult penguins that cannot have babies will take on other animals that are born or abandoned and sometimes they will even take on other birds that are small. They will do what they can to nurture and love something else.

Dreaming of Penguins

If you dream of a penguin, it can mean that something negative is going on in your life and it is causing you emotional problems. This can be something that feels very bad but isn’t as bad as it really feels like. Sometimes you will have to look at the problem and see what is really going on.

Since penguins are black and white, this can mean the same thing as the yin and yang, and you might need to get your emotions balanced. Maybe you need to meditate and find out what is going on and how you can get peace in your life.

Totem Penguin Animal

If the penguin is your spirit animal, then you are more than likely a very smart person. You might be someone that asks a lot of questions.

People that have spirit animals of the penguin are often people that can do whatever they want. They are creative, they work well as a team, and they get whatever they want. People with this spirit animal know what they are doing and how to make things work.

If you have a penguin as your spirit animal then you are likely someone that is kind, loving and giving. You might love to be part of your culture and you will work hard to make sure that you fit in society. You might even dedicate yourself to your traditions in and outside of the home. Penguins are animals that are very diplomatic, but they always have manners.

There is a bad part about having the penguin as your spirit animal and this is that you might rush things and make decisions without thinking about them. This often happens in your relationships and then your relationships will not work out how you hope.

You might find yourself in another relationship fast and before you have time to think about it, you end that one and get into another. You need to remember that you can make things happen, but you need to slow down, balance yourself and take time to let your emotions be processed.

Take Time

When you dream or see a penguin, this is probably a good thing. This is probably telling you that all of your problems can be solved. Give yourself time to make good decisions and think things through. Make sure that you are devoted and that you are balancing your life to make the right decisions.

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