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How to Use the Power of Your Eighth Chakra

There are seven energy centers in the body, and these are the seven chakras. There are other chakras that go beyond the seven chakras and these are the energies that are past your body.

The energy centers past the body are ones that many people do not know because these are not as known as the other seven.

Eighth Chakra

The eighth chakra is called the Soul star, or the star chakra and it goes beyond the body and into the universe. This is a place where there is love and a strong connection in the spiritual world.

When these chakras are balanced, it can help you to have wisdom and power in your life.

What is a Chakra

If you do not understand the chakra or if you have never heard of it, these are the energy centers in your body. They go inside of the body and then there are some that reach beyond the body and into the universe.

There are seven chakras that are considered the main chakras and they go from the spine all the way to the head. The root chakra is the first chakra, and these are chakras that are helpful with a person’s mind, body, and soul.

There are lower chakras, and they help to connect with the earth and then the higher chakras located in the body help to connect to the spiritual world.

The energy centers help to move energy all through the body and they are all connected to everything you do.

The chakras have their own meaning, and they help to give you understanding of what your body is going through.

The chakras that are beyond the body, the eighth chakra and up are ones that help you to reach your higher being.

This is not located in the body but is around the body. The chakras outside of the body help you to reach your spiritual being and a higher world.

Power of the Eighth Chakra

The eighth chakra is important because it helps you to reach your goals and to think beyond what humans go through in life.

When you meditate, you can strengthen your spiritual power and you can learn to use this practice to have more character and to reach your energy centers.

The eighth chakra helps you to reach your better self and helps you to connect to the spirit world. The power of the energy centers is that it helps you to reach beyond the earthly energy and into the universe.

Beyond the body is the chakra energies that are closer to the universe and the energy can go through your being and into the universe to help you reach your higher self.

The chakra is open to you and you can reach your Akashic records to know more about your spiritual world.

What Does the Eighth Chakra Do?

The chakras have qualities that can impact your life and your wellbeing.


The color of the 8th chakra is white or gold. Some believe that there are no colors associated to this chakra because it is so powerful.


This chakra is located a few inches from the body such as the crown chakra.


The element of this chakra is the soul element.


The idea of the 8th chakra is that you are able to see things differently.


The thought connected with this chakra is that you are going to find your purpose and uncover new things about yourself.

Positive Affirmations

You need to make sure that your mind is free and that you are getting rid of karma that is connected to you.

Balancing this chakra can hep you to find your purpose and help you to reach your intuition better.

Once you allow this to reach your mind, you can find out who you are.

When this chakra is unbalanced, you will feel that you have no purpose, and you will feel that your ego is in control of you.

An overactive 8th chakra can cause you to feel that you are not connected to your body or to the earthly things in the world.

Connecting to the High Chakras

There are up to 12 chakras and 8-12 are outside of the body. These are like the other chakras in the body, but they are not as based around human ideas as they are based more around the spirit world.

The energy of these chakras is continuous and will work beyond the world. These chakras are sometimes called Universal chakras or Divine Gateway chakras because they are universal.

The energy will move both up and down and it will help the other chakras in the body to be more balanced. This is the chakra are that helps you to connect in the spirit world.

Balancing these chakras can help you beyond what your body can give you and can help you to balance your physical chakra energy as well.

Activating the Chakras

There are many ways you can activate and keep the chakras strong. You can use meditation, or you can visualize. There are crystals and sounds and colors that can be used to help to make the chakras stronger.

Each of the chakras have a message and if you want to open up the message, you have to ground yourself. One great way to do this is to go into nature and to connect yourself to nature. You can go out and walk barefoot or work in the garden.

You can also do positive affirmations to open up the heart chakra and to bring love into your life.

The chakras outside of the body make you know who you are and helps you to explore beyond the world. Activating these chakras can help you to feel gentle and in tune with things beyond the earthly world.

Balancing the Eighth Chakra

Before you choose to open and balance the chakras outside of the body, you have to balance the chakras inside the body. Make sure that all of your seven chakras are balanced before you try to activate the 8th chakra.

Activating your chakra can help you to be wise and help you to see things from a spiritual level. You can even get access to your Akashic Records and you can see things beyond your soul.

This can be an experience for anyone but there is so much information that you need to make sure that you are grounded before you reach your insight so that you can be strong. Make sure that you are prepared for the messages that you will get because you need to feel at ease when the messages come.

Always ground yourself and be mindful of how your body is reacting. Use meditation to stay calm.


You can use guided mediation when you want to open up your eighth chakra. You can do this on your own or you can practice watching videos or reading about meditation styles.

Meditation can help to open up your chakras and help you to get insight through the spirit world. When you can see things from a spiritual view, you can be more aware of what is going on in your mind, body, and soul.

Take deep breaths and then try this kind of meditation:

  • Be aware of your chakras and imagine red color filling your body.
  • Pay attention to your hip area and let the orange color fill your sacral chakra.
  • Pay attention to your belly button and your solar plexus to help you to be stronger.
  • Open up your heart chakra and imagine a green light coming into your body.
  • Be aware of your throat chakra and let blue light come into you.
  • Pay attention to the area between your eyebrows and allow indigo light to flow through you.
  • Pay attention to your crown chakra and imagine a violet glow coming into your body.
  • Imagine the violet light getting smaller and then imagine a color of a pearl floating above you. This is where your eighth chakra is.
  • Visualize this turning to gold and going above your head.
  • Keep your mind centered and keep meditating for about 5 minutes.
  • Once you finish meditating, bring your attention back to what you are doing in your body at this time.

You might not notice anything at first when you are meditating but this is helping you to expand your spiritual being and helping you to keep your mind, body and soul strong and grounded.

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