Mar 182021
Healing Chakra Affirmations for Health

Most people struggle to consider themselves happy, healthy, and whole, but it is possible to experience all of these feelings almost immediately with a single, simple exercise. This can be hard for some people to accept, but ordinary people do this each day and gain miraculous results. This single exercise is blessing your body’s energy centers, commonly known as chakras.

Whether this is all new or you have been practicing chakra clearing for years, continue reading because the information on how to teach you to recognize an imbalanced chakra and how to get it fully realigned will be shared as well. When we are in balance energetically, we are open to limitless potential and possibilities. This makes it much easier to create a future that is healthy, happy, and whole, just as you desire.

Before we get started, we must understand the word chakra. Chakra translates to circle and is typically represented as a ball of colored light. It seems to work best when the chakras are balanced and the energy centers balanced while meditating as you picture a ball of glowing light for each individual chakra, but this is a personal decision. As the chakras are opened, the balance is created for the whole body. There are seven chakras and each have a specific purpose. Some affect physical well-being while others help with our mental properties. Understanding each will move you closer to vibrant, holistic health and healing that begins on the inside and moves out. Understanding the meaning of each chakra is important to knowing how each operates. There are simple activities to do, along with affirmations to recite for each specific energy center. Balancing the chakras is simple and easy, even if you are a beginner. Read on to understand how.

Root Chakra

The root chakra grounds you to the earth and the physical world. It is located at the base of the spine and linked to primal instincts and fear, especially surrounding food and money. When the root chakra is open, you will be physically more aware, safe, and secure. If you have an imbalance in the root chakra, you may have an overwhelming sense of lack, anxiety, depression, adrenal gland issues, kidney problems, or high blood pressure. To heal this chakra, walk barefoot and interact with nature. Try eating red foods and picture a red glowing ball of energy at the base of the spine. Feel yourself connected, rooted, to the ground. Repeat the following affirmation, “I am connected to the earth, open to the positive energy that can freely flow through me.”

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra focuses on the feelings of desire in the area of relationships, intimacy, and sexuality. Th sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen right below the belly button. It affects your reproductive organs overall. An imbalance in the sacral chakra may present as attracting partners that are not a good fit, worrying about finding the perfect one, being overly emotional or withdrawn, or even feeling guilty about your overall sex drive. To heal this area, try incorporating orange fruits and vegetables as well as trying something new. Add raw honey and nuts into your diet for further cleansing. Try essential oils with scents like rose and organ. Opening the sacral chakra can be as simple as getting moving through dance or some other activity. As you do this, visualize a glowing orange ball of energy that surrounds the chakra and repeat the following affirmation: “I feel passionate about life and confident in who I am.”

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is focused on the feelings of inner strength, self-control, and vitality. This chakra is located between the ribcage and belly button linking it to the pancreas, liver, digestive system and other organs in the area. When opened, this chakra boosts your sense of self, produces healthy self-esteem, and willpower. If imbalanced, this chakra will cause emotional and power issues, leave you feeling like a victim, produce low self-esteem, and make it difficult to make decisions. To heal this chakra, get moving and walk in the sunshine. Take time to sit in front of a campfire and enjoy yellow foods like corn, lemons, and even yellow pears. Try essential oils of chamomile and ginger as you imagine a glowing ball moving up the solar plexus and imagine it turning a glowing yellow as it grows. As this happens, try saying the following affirmation: “I can do anything my mind is set to because I am worthy of all the universe has to offer me.”

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra covers the feelings of love, acceptance, self-esteem, compassion, and forgiveness. Located in the center of the chest, it helps with the heart, circulation system and lungs. This is one of the most important chakras to open and allow to stay open in a state of gratitude. This allows you to receive freely from the universe. If imbalanced, you may behave selfishly, be egotistical, angry, jealous, and prone to fighting. In order to heal this chakra, focus on love and being open to others. Eat leafy greens and try green tea as you picture a glowing green ball of energy in your chest while repeating: “I love my life and feel compassion for all those who enter it.”

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra deals with speech, communication, truth, self-expression, and even creativity. The throat chakra houses the respiratory system, including the lungs and opening the chakra is important when dealing with life experiences because it will help you say what you really feel. If imbalanced, this chakra can make you feel as if no one cares and people are lying to you. A blocked throat chakra may also make it difficult to speak and listen or express yourself clearly. Some may experience asthma, thyroid issues, or bronchitis. To heal the throat chakra, sing and drink plenty of juice and water. Try eating raw honey and fruit. Express yourself through talk or journaling and while meditating, envision a glowing blue ball of energy in the neck as you repeat the affirmation: “I express myself honestly and trust the universe to bless this chakra for the highest good.”

Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra aids with insight, perception, intuition, and awareness. This chakra is located between your eyes toward the center of the forehead. It has an affect on the eyes, nose, ears, and pituitary gland. The third eye chakra helps you in your search for spirituality and the meaning to life. If the third eye is imbalanced, you may be unclear about your life’s purpose and be easily confused. You will likely be inconsiderate to others and highly indecisive. If this is happening, try healing the third eye by visualizing the life you desire while meditating. Try out a new artistic venture. As you meditate, visualize an indigo glowing energy ball at the center of your forehead as you say: “I know my purpose in life and am open to wisdom.”

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra rests at the top of your head is your connection with bliss and spirituality that helps focus on enlightenment, trust, happiness, inspiration, and connecting with your source. When the crown chakra is open and in balance, we are connected to ourselves and the source. If imbalanced, you may experience loneliness, confusion, over-analyzing, headaches, depression, and even migraines. To correct this imbalance and alleviate symptoms, get outdoors and breathe the fresh air as deeply as possible. Feel the sun shine on your face and get inspired to do something fun and happy. Visualize a shining purple or white ball of energy while saying the following affirmation: “I am open to the universe and divine connecting everything.”

If any of the symptoms described are in your life, spend a few minutes daily balancing and blessing your chakras. Even if you cannot tell an immediate difference, keep it up, change will come. When the energy centers all align, a big positive difference will be felt.

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