August 10, 2022
The Strong Energy of Money

It is very important for people to understand money so that they can make good financial decisions in their life.

When you understand money and the choices that you make, you can take the money energy and direct it form yourself and make sure that you keep your money on an energetic level. Once you learn to do this, you will see that you can get results.

Goals and Money

Most people want to reach their goals and when they do, they become excited or relieved. These are tasks in life that we have to meet in order to do what we set out to do.

Our other goals in life are goals that when we meet them, we become happy, and we know that we have opened up life to a new opportunity.

Learn to look at your goals and make sure that your goals have peace and happiness. Your money goals should be identified, and you should have a plan.

Make a goal that focusses on what you will have this year. Goals are meant to be fun and fulfilling and they give you are reason to live. You will want to make goals that will help you get the money that you need.

Even though most people have life goals, you do not want to set goals that are too high that you cannot reach them. Make goals that you can reach.

You do not want to spend your whole life trying to reach your goals and never get there.

Integrity and Values

Make sure that you have good integrity and values when you set your goals. Have positivity in your life when you do things with money.

Purchasing things can give you energy and make you more confident in your life. Figure out your money standards and make sure that you are living your life to the fullest.

Do whatever you would do as if this was the last few days of your life. Imagine what people would think and say about you if you were no longer here. Write it down.

What are some things about you that stand out? These are your integrity and values. Look at them and see how they affect your life.

Write down whatever you feel. What is your integrity when you make a purchase or when you pay something?

Make financial choices that will satisfy you and will give you a direction and security in your life.

This will allow your energy to flow freely and to be strong.

Keep Promises

When you make a promise to someone, make sure you do it. This will give you good energy. If you fail to do your promise, it will take energy from you and leave you unbalanced.

Promises that are never kept have energy and if you want your money energy to flow right, make sure that you are making energy cycles that are strong by keeping your promises.

Money is a form of energy and if you feel good in your relationships, you will be balanced. Practice balancing your energy by making small promises and then making them bigger you commit to keep them.

This allows your energy to grow and helps you to be more aware of what balanced energy feels like. Later, monitor the flow of your energy.

Keeping even small promises will give you security and will help you to balance your energy and to have better money energies.

Know Your Energy Leaks

Pay attention to what your feelings are about money. Do you care about saving and spending or are you spending needlessly?

Do you worry about money, or do you identify with past things that you have done? Look at your money spending and see if you have issues with how you handle money.

Some people fall in the same traps over and over again and they do not see money as a real resource.

Don’t spend money that you don’t need to spend and add up even small spending. Identify the leaks of your spending and see if the leaks line up with your goals.

Before you buy something, make sure that you need it and that it is in your goals. Make sure that it aligns with your integrity and values. Make an obstacle goal to avoid buying things that you don’t need.

Make sure that you have two money goals each year. Which is part of your purchases? Ask three questions to yourself to help you figure out where your leaks are.

Use the money to help you and not to make you feel guilty or to shame you. Know your goals and your life purposes. Know what steps you will take next.

Make an action to reach your goals. Pay your bills on time and put money back when you can to save. If you want to make a big purchase, get a vision board to help you remember what you want to do.


Money is there and is part of energy. When you control the flow of your energy and you identify your energy leaks, you can do this to get on the right path in your life.

When you develop a good relationship with money, you will see that your energy will be stronger and that your mind will be intending to have a good money flow.

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