May 072020
20 Signs that You Might be a Starseed

Do you often feel like you aren’t like anyone else you meet?  If so, you might just be a Starseed.  Starseeds are highly enlightened beings that were sent to Earth to awaken the collective human consciousness to bring sweeping improvements to the planet.  Because they don’t come from Earth, Starseeds have distinct aura and extraordinarily high vibrations that allow them to access powerful otherworldly knowledge, which can be used to create new technologies to improve life.

At their very essence, Starseed know they aren’t from Earth and thus have unwavering sensations of being different.  Often, it will feel like the political and social rules of society are senseless and irrelevant.  Therefore, they frequently find themselves blazing their own trail or method of accomplishing a task.  Starseeds have heightened abilities of intuition, empathy and mysticism.  They are also extremely sensitive to their inside and outside world.  They may have interest in mysticism, time travel, space or extraterrestrial life.  In terms of physical appearance, Starseed tend to have big eyes, angelic faces and long necks.

If you suspect that you might be a Starseed, here are a few significant signs to notice

  1. You don’t feel like Earth is your original home
  2. You feel like society’s rules don’t align with your beliefs or values
  3. You frequently have dreams involving other worldly beings or experiences
  4. You are an extremely sensitive individual with strong psychic and intuitive abilities
  5. You feel a pull towards space and enjoy learning about time travel and metaphysics
  6. You have talents with technology and innovative problem solving
  7. You are a natural empath and incredibly attune to other’s emotions and feelings
  8. Your body seems to function in a unique way than others
  9. Although you seem to have little interest in traditional schooling, you are extraordinarily intelligent
  10. There is a never-ending thirst for developing your soul’s purpose
  11. You seem to feel excluded by society
  12. People tend to comment on how different you are than most people
  13. There seems to be an instant connection between you and animals or children
  14. You quickly become intolerant of large crowds
  15. You may be prone to social anxiety and struggle with navigating small talk
  16. You have a sense of how you seek to benefit Earth and its inhabitants
  17. You have a memory of being from away from Earth and can easily visualize this landscape
  18. From the earliest of ages, you felt like an old soul
  19. You feel like life on Earth is not as satisfying as it is on other planets or planes of existence
  20. Earthly problems feel trivial to you, and you are able to create lasting solutions to issues much faster than your peers

Often Starseeds are sent to Earth with a programmed “alarm clock” inside of them which goes off at various points in their lives to advance their soul’s purpose.  As a result, Starseeds have an unending quest to grow and evolve to better serves the Universal community.  This drive allows them to identify problems and quickly and effectively create solutions to improve the lives of all they encounter.

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